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ScrumCast: Four New Gamers Episode 10 – Mk3 Battle Boxes LIVE!!

We start with coverage of the Battle For Breath Charity Tournament and Raffle, then dive head first into the MK3 Battle Boxes, figuring out which we like and are likely to play. Four New Gamers is an entry level podcast around the game Warmachine/Hordes. Social Media -Facebook -Twitter @4newgamers -Twitch /YouTube /Tumblr @deffheaddice


Ghools’ Painting Tips – Understanding Lighting and Ghools’ 50/50 Rule

Thanks to all my Patrons for helping me provide an ad-free channel for all of my viewers. However, there’s much more on offer by becoming a Patron.You can ask questions on a Live Stream. There are chances to win models painted by me. All a basic pledge costs is $1 a month. Do all of


The Scrum Cast: Ep 17 Master Craftsman

Matt, Fraser are joined by Devon, the Troll legend that pulled Master Craftsman at Lock & Load 2016!   Battle Reporter! Like Us!!! Wednesday is the new official night for Trollblood Scrum Live! Wednesdays Pre-show @ 9:30pm EDT / 6:30pm PDT Main show @ 10pm EDT / 7:00pm PDT


Ghools’ Painting Tips – How to Paint Pallid or Undead Flesh

Do you want my channel ad-free? Would you like to see my videos a week before everyone else? Would you like to win painted models from me, painted to your specs? Think you can spare $1 a month? Join me on Patreon. I cover painting pale, pallid flesh in this video, and cover some


Attack-X Tabletop Wargaming Expo

Master Event Attack-X is proud to have become a Warmachine Weekend Qualifier Masters Event for the 2016 Invitational in St.Louis. This will be one of the last events before WMW so it will be a stop to gain important points, or a possible berth in the Warmachine Weekend Invitational. The winner of this event will