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RFP 2015: Episode 17 – Terminus

This is episode 17 of Removed from Play and we are talking about Terminus. Terminus -Nightwretch 3x Mechanithralls w/3 Brutes Blackbanes Ghost Raiders Withershadow Combine Warwitch Siren 2x Pisol Wraiths 2x Necrosurgeons Focus: Charles Arrasmith (Omnus) Host: Sam Ross (Susan) Co-Host: Jacob Frelinger (Zombiepops) Guest Co-Host: Tim Banky (TimtheEnchanter) You can find all of the

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Hellforged 2: A Blight for Charity (Vayl2 and Seraph)

Welcome back to “Damnation for Charity,” a.k.a. my brain! Last week we saw the Hellforged Ravagore make his debut, in all his terrible glory: This week we move on to the lady behind the madness: Vayl2, and her pet Seraph, Fluffy (or Spiky, or, as many others know him . . . Arm-Bitey-Ow-Stop-Help-Me). Vayl2 The


Scrumcast: Four New Gamers – Episode 2

Welcome to the newest of the Scrum Family; Four New Gamers! An entry level podcast focusing on the Table Top Strategy Games: WARMACHINE & HORDES! Facebook = = = search “Deff Head Dice” or Twitch = Tumblr =


Episode 22 of A Thrall Life – Cryx vs Legion Pt 1

Welcome to A Thrall Life, a Cryx-focused podcast featuring the thoughts and opinions of Ryan Chiriboga, James Brannan, Tom Guan, and Sam Ross, plus numerous guest hosts who bring unique insight to the Cryx community. It is our intention to be a very focused, issue-driven podcast where each episode we tackle a single subject in


Hellforged 1: A Blight for Charity (Ravagore)

Welcome to weird world, where we turn the concept of hell-spawned beasts into help for folks that need it! As some folks remember, I’ve been hard at work on a modeling and painting project that will be donated to a charity auction for this year’s Boost for a Cure event on October 17th, run by Dark Omen


BMR Articles – A Guide for Bethayne, Voice of Everblight by Omnus

Bethayne is the Warlock that prompted my very first strategy article. She was my first tournament list, and I played her in all 4 games of my first Steamroller in 2011. I won every game and took home a first place coin at the first event I ever attended. She’s always had a special place