I’m continuing with the updates of the Sith Kriel’s trolls.  For those who have read through the Fight Club rules, posted by Stunami, you can see that the first series of games are at the 25 point level and are all casters with their beasts or jacks.  So I need to have a large number of beast ready to throwdown with E. Doomshaper and/or Grim when the time comes.

The Earthborn is currently a key facet in most E Doomshaper lists.  Adaption often allows the dire troll to hit large targets like a ton of bricks.  Elemental Communion often allows the beast to up it’s ARM to 20 and/or gain +2 movement.  Metamorphose allows it to stand toe to toe with the heavy khadoran jacks.  And its animus, transmute, makes it a great addition for E Doomshaper to list to up the old man’s armor since his defense is so poor.

I slightly modified my Earthborn Dire Troll.  Instead of doing the normal punch down into the ground, he is laying waste to a Cygnar iron clad.  It’s a fun way to take a dig at a few of my fellow fight club memebers, especially one of my best buds, AK.  ;)

Here are the pictures.  Please enjoy.