Welcome to the Iron Agenda Blogging Network, a portal to Iron Kingdoms blogs around the internet! The contributing members of the IABN – both those with a blog of their own and those who are simply looking for a place to share their thoughts – have joined together to provide you, our readers, with a resource to help keep you abreast of what’s is available in the IK blogosphere.

Whenever a post is made on a contributing site, an excerpt is also posted here at the IABN. This means you can rely on the IABN front page (or RSS feed) to update you whenever your favorite blog is updated. And when a new Warmachine and Hordes blog join the network, you’ll immediately know and have new content to explore. Each excerpt will link you back to the full article on the contributor’s blog where you’ll be able to read and comment and join the IK blogging community.

One feature to note is that as the archive of posts in the network grows, the IABN’s tag list and database will allow you to search across contributors’ blogs for specific content that interests you. Using the Search feature of this site will allow you to quickly find all of the posts on your favorite faction, warcaster, game size, or even post-type, regardless of author or origin!

So again, welcome to the Iron Agenda Blogging Network. We hope you’ll make yourself at home!