[HtT] [Relic Knights] Quick Glowy Bases

Relic Knight Bases

I’m working on getting my first 35 pts of Relic Knights painted up, and wanted to show you how I’ve decided to do my bases.

The Kickstarter gave us some neat base inserts that depict grates, piping and opened boxes, and they also included some loose crystals to do whatever we wanted with.  Units ... 

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Free Time Black Hole, Episode 52

Ever gotten to the end of the week, surveyed the week’s accomplishments, and said, “Wait… that’s it?”

I’m having one of those moments right now. I was really busy this week, but somehow I only worked on two things.


Project 1: Deva Avenger

Yep, still going on this dude. Here’s where we left off last week– the body ... 

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