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The Impossible Road to ETC: 50 pt Milestone. Gat’r Done!

Yeah, I went ahead and skipped the 35pt milestone. I didn’t have a tutorial or battle report or anything to flesh it out with, and two pictures of my second Wrastler and Swamp Gobbers seemed kind of meager so I went straight to 50pts instead. I still don’t have any nuggets of wisdom but I

Preview: Cygnar Storm Strider – What’s In the Box?

Welcome to Battle Engine Week – Preview: Part 1! (It’s actually two weeks, but Battle Engine Two Weeks sounds lame.) I have been given the opportunity of previewing the upcoming Battle Engine release for Cygnar, The Storm Strider! Over the next two weeks, I’ll be giving this massive model an in-depth look, unlike you have

GearJock Featured Image

Gearjock Academy: Intermediate Spotlight – Take and Hold Scenarios

In this video I try to discuss various tactics or strategies for the take and hold objectives found in the Streamroller 2011 tournament pdf. These tactics have to be adapted for your particular factions but you should be able to find some of the tools needed. Feel free to post below your own particular tactics

Flaming d20 – Wolsung? Never When Sober!

Review- Wolsung: Steam Pulp Fantasy Test drive rules are located at: (This review is based off the Test Drive rules) Wolsung is a colorful, simple new game coming out from a Polish group called Kuźnia Gier. They have managed to get their countrymen at Micro Art Studio to come out with miniatures for