What is Dominating Domination? Part II

Welcome to Part II of the dominating domination Series! If you missed Part I you can find it here.

The next round of Dominating is set to begin…

 [singlepic id=2146 w=440 h=334 float=center]

Light Warbeasts!

  • Boneswarm
  • Cyclops Raider
  • Naga Nightlurker
  • Scarsfell Griffon
  • Storm Troll
  • Winter Argus

I love the interesting mix of Light Warbeasts that we are getting from Domination.  The creativity going into these beasts really says a lot about Privateer Press because the Lights are the hardest to make useful.

Do you have a prediction? Which of the light beasts is superior to the rest? Let’s examine them.


The Good: Always nice to have new beasts for the a faction as thin as gators. The deceptive part about it’s 12 POW is that with 3 corpse tokens it goes up to POW 15. The Boneswarm only costs 4 points which makes it a good target for transfers. Gaining access to the Swarm animus can also provide the warlock with a nice defensive buff against shooter armies or against beasts.

The Bad: It is slow at 5 speed. It needs 3 kills before it gets to 15 pow. No reach makes it hard to get multiple kills. And Swarm is self only so it can’t cast on a heavy and the lock has to pay 2 fury to get the buff.

Cyclops Raider

The Good: Somebody in play-testing likes Skorne. This guy is awesome. Could use a less explicit pose 🙂 With Heavy Reiver he can really takes some boxes off a warcaster or warlock. Boosted POW 14’s are great. But PP knows what it’s doing when a Light Beast has a great animus. Far Strike really brings the ranged game up for Skorne. I would not be surprised to see lists pop up with multiple cannoneers and raiders.

The Bad: The lowly POW 11 fist seems almost pointless. But the only real problems with this model is that it has a odd pose and that it is not released yet.

Naga Nightlurker

The Good: Legion always gets fun stuff. This thing is an average ranged warbeast that is going to be able to put decent damage on a warbeast or living warcaster or warlock at range with crit poison. But let’s be honest…this thing is all about the animus. Magical Weapon and Blessed for 2 fury and its not self only so this guy can hand it out and sit back as 19 boxes for the warlock to transfer to. It’s own poison is magical as well.

The Bad: It really feels more like a 4 point beast but Legion has to pay 5 for it because of how much this animus can do for the faction.

[singlepic id=2145 w=440 h=334 float=center]

Scarsfell Griffon

The Good: Finally get to talk Circle 🙂 Stealth, 6 speed, Flight, Hunter and Long Leash. Clearly this thing is meant to get places your opponent didn’t expect you to reach. Plus access to the Shadow Shift animus can make assasination runs easier for your warlocks. Best part of the Griffon…TWO OPEN FISTS. Hello, Druids. Have you ever wanted to throw your opposing caster towards your heavies?

The Bad: I am not sure how well this thing will actually be able to do it’s job. 8 str is only 4 inch throw before deviation. It seems like a 4 point beast not 5. I keep reading over and over thinking that it must have advance move or advance deployment on here somewhere…

Storm Troll

The Good: This one really shows PP will have plenty of interesting ideas for us. Lightning Generator to help it’s ranged abilities blow up troop spam. Two open fists and critical disruption to help make it threatening to heavies. What a great animus as well. Lightning Fists only costs 1 fury so it is easy to spread around. Running beast heavy and need to clear out troop spam? Every attack can now kill two troops. Also the sculpt for this guy looks incredible. Very impressed PP.

The Bad: I feel like this thing may be about a half point overcosted. It is also wierd seeing trolls without tough but I suppose Beasts with tough need to be kept to a minimum.

[singlepic id=2144 w=440 h=334 float=center]

Winter Argus

The Good: It’s has defense of 15 so it is as annoying as Cryx Bonejacks to hit. It gives your caster access to a +2 arm buff which is very nice . It has two chances at crit freeze at a 13 inch (6 range and 7 speed) threat range.

The Bad: The animus is self only so the Argus cant cast it for the lock. It can clear infantry but it’s lowly 4 rat will make that tough. That’s probably my largest complaint…atleast 1 more rat. Even that may not be enough for this little 2-headed wolf.



This is going to have to be the Boneswarm. I loved minions in the last article but I am not a fan of this thing. Looks fun to paint but after that…what role is this thing supposed to serve? Ghostly and Reach at least. This thing may be the inferior piece in the book. Plus it is in minions. If any hordes faction deserves some really nice undercosted pieces it should them.



This is really hard. I love the Cyclops Raider. He is going to be good but there is a different Light Warbeast that I am sure will have a more dramatic effect on the game…

Naga Nightlurker. I thought it was pretty good at first glance. Maybe in some lists…then it hit me. Not only does this piece give Legion some much needed ways to kill incorporeal models  and bypass def buffs (like Iron Flesh on Winterguard) and arm buffs (like Arcane Sheild on Stormclads) but now Ravagores with magical weapon can shoot through the choir buff on jacks. I think this will have a significant effect on our beloved game. I feel like Menoth has always kept heavy ranged lists in check. But now it just got more complicated. It still carries a hefty price tag of 5 points and clearly eLylyth will have to drop some other amazing Legion model(s) to fit it in. Beware the Naga. It will be coming to Local Gaming Store near you.

Side note: I will say the Storm Troll probably has the best sculpt even though we haven’t seen all of them. This thing just looks damn cool. Check him out near the back of your domination book.

Until next time…Thank You for reading!



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  1. Marcus said:

    About Stormtroll: I cannot recall any Warbeast with tough. They usually have regeneration.

  2. Omnusomnus said:

    I admit that I don’t get to play trolls much and I just remember lots of tough. I could correct it in the post but I can live with me mistake in view. I must have been thinking of regeneration.

  3. Deathraven said:

    Nice write up (again). Not sure what I’d have picked myself, probably Naga or Storm troll. Best part is though that they are all useful and all add something new!

  4. Dan from Chicago said:

    Everyone neglects to mention that the Storm Troll can boost the damage on the Lightning Generator damage rolls …

  5. Marth said:

    Nice writeup. Regarding Dominator/Dominated, I was right on spot. Though my thought regarding the Griffon was more: “Oooh, they get a fast, flying, free-strike-free key piece hunter…” The throw thing didn’t even occur to me. It looked to be all about “zip up, then apply claw to eye”.

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