New Years Resolution..keeping stuff organized..

This isn’t a proper article. It’s just a glimpse in to my mind (quite a scary thought actually) on how I like to do things and maybe to give you some ideas.

I may have mentioned it earlier but it´s very important to me that I can get my terrain stuff quickly on the table and even quicker off the table (and when I speak about table I mean kitchen table). This has lead to the situation that our wardrobe has been full of stuff that I have been quickly “repositioned” after terrain sessions. I even found some green-stuff in the pocket of my suit at my friends wedding!

So when the year 2011 was reaching it´s end I promised to my wife that I would organize my stuff. I already had my terrain tools in a neat briefcase so I decided to follow that track.

Here is the tools case:

[singlepic id=2255 w=320 h=240 float=center]

I used elastic band and a stabler to create little pockets where the tools could be placed. I placed also all my balsa in to the box.

Then I turned my eyes on my paints. After quick calculation I realized that I had 126 paints and they were all laying around in different sized cardboard boxes. This wasn’t a good thing so on the following day I went to the nearest hardware shop and bought two metal briefcases, one little bit smaller than the other. Again with the help of elastic band and few thin chipboard pieces I created my new painting case. It´s not the prettiest but it works!

[singlepic id=2254 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Then I dived into the big pile of basing stuff. I didn’t have a clue that I had gathered so much stuff. It seems that it´s a good idea now and then to make some kind of inventory because I found stuff that I didn’t even know I possessed. Great!! I don´t need big amounts of basing stuff so I filled little plastic bags with different kinds of materials and put these bags into the briefcase. The bigger storage bags I hid from the eyes of my wife. It doesn’t look like it but there is thirty different materials in this case:

[singlepic id=2253 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Now our wardrobe is in  proper shape and I still have all the important stuff on hand. Win-win situation!!! The three briefcases are all at the upper shelf waiting patiently for the next urgent terrain session!

What do you do to keep your gear in order?

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  1. Polypusher said:

    This gives me ideas to do a basic mobile painting studio. My wife crochets while we watch TV some evenings but I’m stuck watching without anything fun to do like paint.

    A briefcase might be the perfect way to keep some goodies in an easy to transport case to solve that little problem. Do the elastic bands stay stuck in the briefcase padding securely? I’m picturing them just popping right out without much force.

    • JCooJCoo said:

      As I wrote earlier, the box is made from aluminium so the staples hold the band very well because they go trought the padding AND the metal. I strongly recommend this setup, it has increased my hobbytime alot!!

  2. brotherscott said:

    Organization is key- I hate it when I have to clean off my workspace to get something done, and I am fortunate enough to have a desk for assembly and painting.
    For my mobile kit I have two toolboxes- the smaller one contains pretty much everything I need for assembling models- glue, files, sandpaper, green stuff, old dental picks, and the like. The other case is much larger and can hold a myriad of paints (I keep Citidel/ GW, P3, and Vallejo Model color on hand), brush tanks, brushes, and even basing supplies for when I make the trek to the FLGS. I have a medium toolbox that I can take a limited palette and brushes along for the ride when I have specific projects I need to work on.
    The terrain supplies sit in a few larger boxes that I keep in a closet…

  3. Snickering Imp said:

    “It´s not the prettiest but it works!”

    You and I have different definitions for “pretty”. All three of those cases look great to me (though the terrain case looks like one discretely opened, in the trunk of a car parked in some alley, by a man they call Mother Superior).

    I like that your paints will sit upside down when the case is stored upright. That’s a clever design.

    All in all, very cool. Thanks for the post.

  4. JCooJCoo said:

    I also wondered that would the staples hold but fortunately because the case is metal and i used always doublestaples at one spot they hold perfectly..

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