Everblight 2012 – Part I

This is the first article for my Everblight 2012 series and it begins with a Warlock that I am very passionate about. I see tons of people say things on the forums about her that are just flat-out wrong and it drives me crazy. But I want to thank everyone who said those things because that is what inspired me to begin this series.

Bethayne, Voice of Everblight

The most important points I want to get across with this article are…

  • Bethayne is good enough for top-level tournaments
  • She is extremely versatile and brings a large tool box of abilities to the table
  • Most players have a very one-dimensional outlook on her

The primary way she is played centers around her feat. So lets talk about that.

Litany of Everblight: While in this model’s control area, friendly faction models gain boosted magic attack and magic attack damage rolls, and friendly faction warbeasts can use their animus without being forced. Litany of Everblight lasts for one turn.

The war beasts getting to use their animus for free is just icing. The great part of the feat is that she and all her Everblight spell casters get all their spells boosted for free. Great feat. Especially by hordes standards…we just don’t get that many feats that are this offensively powerful because of how much damage output we can already front load with our beasts.

How to take advantage of this great feat?

Hex Hunters: These are insane under Bethayne’s feat. They have a 13 inch threat range and on average rolls hit 16 defense for 23 damage. I am going to end this part here. The obvious parts of Bethayne really don’t need to be over explained.

Don’t get too caught up in her feat. It’s a Trap! This may catch you off guard because I just said the feat is great. And it is. But this makes too many players build skew lists that perform exceptionally on feat turn and mediocre to terribly the rest of the time. What does that look like?

I feel like most people read the feat and don’t put that much more thought into Bethayne. Don’t let the feat trap you with her. Just look at Ghostbuster Ackbar…he would be disappointed. Until you get some practice with her, just try a single unit of Hex Hunters and the Blackfrost Shard. You will get a ton of power out of her Feat but you can still play a strong game the rest of the time. After five to ten games you will probably know what direction you want to take her.

If you just love skew lists…go ahead and run 2 units of Hex Hunters, the Shard, and some Sorceresses on Helions. It will blow shit up in a ton of match ups. Just don’t use those experiences (good or bad) to judge Bethayne and her overall competitiveness.

Now let’s go over the best parts of Bethayne.

Eruption of Spines

This spell is like Ashes to Ashes but better in every way with the one exception that it can hit friendly models. Only costs 3 fury, it is just magic damage instead of fire and it’s on a Warlock instead of a Warcaster. (or this was the case until Hexeris2 came out) Most of the time, I am happy when a 3 or 4 inch aoe kills 2 models. Eruption of Spines is going to hit 2 models at a bare minimum but can easily put down 7 infantry models. On her feat turn, two of these will kill an average 9 models (6 after tough) and that gets high defense and even high armor infantry.

Side Note: Don’t expect averages. You will get 1’s and it will seem pretty lame. But you will get 6’s and your opponent will realize he has to make a command check after one spell and will consider punching you in the face.


This spell is not considered to be all that great but it’s a lingering feeling from warcasters. This spell is so much better in the fury system because it doesn’t cut anything from your beast’s potential. A pow 13 for 3 fury is mediocre. The potential to cast two fully boosted makes it a lot better. Then factor in you can pull a model 2d6 inches. Sweet.

Two things to keep in mind. 1) You do not have to pull if you don’t want to. It’s optional. 2) The threat of this spell is better than the spell itself. Do not hesitate to talk about Gallows to your opponent. Keep your opponent thinking about 2d6 inches of pull on their heavies and their caster. It will make positioning so much harder for them. Use that to your advantage. You can’t predict how far you will end up pulling their models but they can’t either. Which generally leads to more defensive play and it keeps their caster and heavies further away from Bethayne. Which helps he survive while slinging so many spells.

How things change…The more Colossals and Gargantuans we see the less usefulness we will get out of this spell. Hell, even Tiberion presents a problem. It’s still a really solid spell for her but it is less dependable for extending threat ranges. Still keeps casters on their toes!


Yes, he is an Arc Node for you. But look past the obvious.

When Bethayne is in Belphagore she has def 12, armor 19 and 24 health boxes. How many warlocks can brag about those defensive stats? Then she also gets immunity to fire, cold, corrosion and electricity. Which won’t matter every game but will completely change others.  Honestly…none of this is as good as Bethayne getting eyeless sight. Now she can throw Eruptions of Spines at stealth models. Bazinga.

This is one of the main reasons that I hop into Belphagore as soon as possible. Because when my turn begins I want to have the option available. If you don’t have her in him you can’t ignore stealth that turn because once she hops in her turn ends.

There is more. Belphagore’s animus is call Despoiler. If you have to face infantry spam, Despoiler straight up kills non-reach infantry trying to charge Bethayne or Belphagore if they have used the animus. Only downside is that it is not available when Beth is in Belphagore.

The Tool Box

Ashen Veil, Carnivore and Blood Thorn are the tools in her Tool Box.  So many players love Absylonia and want to play Beth the same way. They bring specific models or units for each upkeep. Common choices are Striders for Blood Thorn, Carnivore on Gatorman Posse and then Ashen Viel gets cast on the Hex Hunters.


I rarely upkeep spells with Bethayne. Thankfully the succubus makes it much easier to keep at least Ashen Viel going on something.

Think of the spells like tools. You don’t need each one each game. EoS and Gallows take up most of her fury. But use her upkeeps when you need the tool. Carnivore once got me an assassination of Morghoul1 during his feat because it allowed Bayal to land a shadowbind which in turn allowed the other hex hunters to actually hit. One of the best uses for Blood Thorn…anti-tough. If you have to face a row of bane thralls and you are going to shoot them with Striders or Raptors…then if they’re tough, they still have to make another roll next turn to live. In the case of tough from rhupert…they won’t be tough during the corrosion roll.


Bethayne can be the caster sitting way the hell back, channeling spells and staying as far from combat as possible. Really punishing short threat ranges. Spell Martyr + Eruption of Spines is 22 inch threat range. You should be blowing infantry on the 2nd turn at the latest. Remember to hop inside Belphagore to ignore stealth!

Flip side of the coin. Center Scenario? No problem. 13 def, 20 armor, 4 immunities, 24 health boxes and up to 7 fury for transfers. She can get into a center scenario to score if you want her too. And the ability to do this with a caster who can play far back is absolutely amazing.

Bethayne can run pretty much everything in Legion that is worth owning. She can make good use of every heavy beast, she can field any of our infantry (still leave the ogrun at home, sorry) and she can do so surprisingly well.

Striders + UA: These are great with Bethayne. They are great almost all of the time anyway but they really solve problems for Bethayne. They make great use of Ashen Veil or Blood Thorn. But more importantly they are great at killing what Bethayne hates. Druid in a cloud? Np. We have hunter and 12 inch range. The Book? Np. We can deal 1 damage 5 times to a model with 12 armor.


Tip: Facing Iron Flesh and Tough? Worried that your powerful eruption of spines will still need a 10 or 11 to hit? Use some 3-4 man CRA’s to try and trigger a tough roll. Then run a spell martyr into position and target the knocked Nyss/WG model.

Spell Martyrs: I strongly recommend bring 2-3 of these in every Bethayne list. Yes, she has Belphagore and she can channel through him. But he is extremely valuable. Use the spell martyrs for those early game Eruptions of Spines so you can save Belpagore.

Her Lists

As an example I want to show you what Neutralyze has ran quite a lot in 2012.

Bethayne, Voice of Everblight {+3}
~ Belphagor {0}
~ Ravagore {10}
~ Angelius {9}
~ Scythean {9}
~ Shredder {2}

Gatorman Posse {9}
Hex Hunters {8}
Strider Deathstalker x2 {4}
Sheperd {1}
Spell Martyr {1}

I am very interested to see how his list may change after some of the future releases. But it is solid just the way it is. I watched him play this list in the 3rd round of Masters at Lock and Load 2012. When a Cryx player says, “Can I see Bethayne’s card? I haven’t really played against her.” That is very good for the Legion player.

I think I would play something like this if I were to put Bethayne on the table right now…

Bethayne, Voice of Everblight {+3}
~ Belphagor {0}
~ Ravagore {10}
~ Angelius {9}
~ Scythean {9}
~ Shredder {2}
~ Naga Nightlurker {5}
~ Succubus {2}

Hex Hunters {8}
Gatorman Witchdoctor {3}
Sheperd x2 {2}
Spell Martyr x3 {3}

 But that may just be due to my love of new toys. I don’t think the Naga is required with her but I really like Bethayne in the Cryx match up. I like being able to give the Ravagore Wraithbane to shoot Denny2 while she is Incorporeal. I also feel like the Scythean may be very happy to ignore armor buffs.

I like the Witch Doc to deny the souls of my Hex Hunters to Terminus.  Plus no command check for Hex Hunters is just awesome.


Bethayne can be played for her feat. Run two units of Hex Hunters and just blow up any list that can’t mess up magic. Just don’t stop there. Bethayne is top notch and brings so much to the table. I am so tired of hearing how she is bad against Cryx because her upkeeps only affect living. She is great against Cryx. She is great against any list that is packing a lot of infantry that can be hit with spells. But even when they can’t, she can still play well. I will Eruption of Spines my own Strider in the butt for a chance to kill 1-6 Iron Fleshed Kayazy!

Thanks again for reading!



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  1. OrsusSmash said:

    Excellent article! Bethayne is a warlock I’ve really enjoyed digging into, for a lot of the reasons you mentioned.

    Any thoughts on using the Throne with her? Its kind of a red herring, since it’s magical output isn’t all that great, but it is a big, nasty model that happens to chuck out spells, so I could see it being useful.

  2. Omnusomnus said:

    I feel like the primary job of the throne is to kill infantry and Bethayne already brings that by the ton. However it still has synergy with her feat, scenario potential and los blocking. I am not sure if she can spare the beast though.

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