Product Review: Bad Dad Gaming Double-Sided Brushes

I was recently sent an innovative product for review by Bad Dad Gaming. It’s certainly not something I would have thought to do, and it makes two-brush blending  much easier, once you get the hang of sing this new, and unique tool. So, you’re probably wonder what this neat, new, and innovative product is?

Take a look;

[singlepic id=2298 w=320 h=240 float=center]

What Bad Dad Gaming has done here, is added a second brush onto the opposite end of a normal brush. How does it perform? In a word; great!

[singlepic id=2297 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Michael from  Bad Dad Gaming is planning on releasing other sizes of brush, including a #2, and a #0. Currently available is the ‘Medium’, which is equal to a #1.

The brushes are made of high quality kolinsky sable and hold a nice sharp point. It certainly compares to any other high quality brush available, and is just slightly less sharp on the tip than a Windsor & Newton brush.

[singlepic id=2299 w=320 h=240 float=center]

The great thing about these brushes is that you essentially get two brushes for just slightly more than a single brush; less than 50% of buying a second brush.

For those painters out there having trouble getting the hang of two-brush blending by holding the second brush in your mouth, these  brushes are a godsend. Instead of having to struggle with switching out brushes, all you have to do now is twirl your brush around, and blending is a snap.

At first I thought it would take a bit of getting used to, as I usually hold my blending brush in my mouth. But, even though my habit of switching out brushes is pretty ingrained, I didn’t have any trouble adjusting to the brush twirling instead. The only negative I really have concerning thee brushes i that I normally use a #2 for painting, and a #3 for blending. So, naturally, I found the #1 a little small. But, as Bad Dad’s coming out with more sizes, it’s a problem that will rectify itself anyways!

Even if you don’t use the opposite end as your blending brush, it’s still a great value none-the-less.

The  Bad Dad Gaming Dual-ended Brush is a great value, innovative, and extremely useful tool for the novice and experienced miniature painter alike.

Huge props for Michael at  Bad Dad Gaming for inventing something that just may revolutionize miniature painting.


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  1. Michael Pokorny said:

    Thanks for the positive feedback Ghool! I hope that you enjoy the brush and I’ll let you know when the new sizes come out.

    Unfortunately there appears to be a problem with my site today…sad face. Folks can email me directly at if they’re interested in the brushes.

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