Inspiration is a Great thing!

Every now and then it´s good to look things from a different perspective. It´s easy to just go “my way” but I have noticed that I for example run out of ideas pretty quick without external inspiration. Here the all mighty InterWeb comes and saves the day. The world is full of great people and sites that will push your own works on a different level. It´s not about copying something (well, most of the time it is) but from my point of view to have the first piece of a puzzle which you didn´t even know to existed. Here are few sites and blogs that I often check when I need some artistic inspiration.


Massive Voodoo

The first and foremost blog that I follow every day. These guys really make the magic happen. All though it´s mainly about painting things there is a ton of articles which will help on terrain making, basing and more. It´s a pleasure to follow what extremely talented artist can do when they have the time to express themselves. I really think that Massive Voodoo expands the boundaries of miniature painting. What makes the blog even better is the attitude and humour of the authors. If you didn´t know about this blog, check it out NOW!


Gidian Gelande

The holy bible for terrain inspiration.There is no words to describe the talent behind these terrain pieces. I have and will spend hours on end just browsing through the pictures. On the forum there is an english section also where you can enquire about the techniques. If you ponder where to start, I recommend Wolfgangs Mortheim city.


Terrain makers heaven! The WIP section is full of inspirational stuff and it´s always great to read about the construction techniques. There´s a lot of stuff in there so you can start with this and then continue with this.

Lead Adventure Forum

Another great site. I recommend the WIP section where you can find very nice terrains pieces. Here is one terrific table!

War Head

You need to be true northerner to read this blog (it´s in finnish language) but if you unfortunately are not rest assured that the pictures will blow your head off. Here is a little example what these guys can do.

I hope that you didn´t know all the sites I mentioned here. There are of course way more sites out there and I will post some more in the future. If you have some extremely good sites that you know of, let us know about them!!



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