Motivated By the Fear..

I was inspired by DieselDM post about the hinderance of fear in painting and I decided to tackle maybe the most challenging parts of the Merc´s house; The marble stairs and the inner floor. Here are some WIP pics and thoughts about the endeavor.

I have never painted marble so I needed some inspiration photos. After this I briefly pondered about the paints and fearlessly grabbed  my brush:



In my opinion I managed to make a decent job. I should have concentrated more on the veins but I think that after I age the stairs with a little bit of ink and maybe devlan mud they will look even better.

What about the inner floor?


I wanted to have some pattern at the center of the floor and chose classic compass design. I also wanted “sea-colors” on to the floor so blue and green were obvious chose. Unfortunately I didn´t nail this one. I thought that those lighter blue lines would act like a decoration on the tiles but when I covered the whole thing with gloss varnish they popped up way too much! I didn´t expect that the varnish would enhanced the colors that much. I have to tone it done with matt varnish OR paint the whole thing again.

Well the score ended up in 1 win – 1 lose but in the spirit of DieselDM´s post, you can´t succeed every time. I just have to keep my chin up and mind open because this one again teaches me a thing or two.

(in spite of what I just wrote it´s still eats me like a rat that I spend many hours on the project and didn´t nail it!! Dammit=) )

Ps. Look what the postman dropped to my box:


Those who don´t know what that is will know soon enough but those who recognize it, know that I just sold my pinky to the Devil!

´Till the next time!!



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  1. CongoPete said:

    That looks like Cavern Accessory Mold #85

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