Everblight 2012 – Part IV

There was a point that I wanted to set Vayl2 to the side. I knew that I needed to concentrate on less Warlocks. I had 6 in mind and I wanted to get it down to at least 4. I was getting really mixed results with Vayl2 and I told my buddy Joel that I was thinking about dropping Vayl2 in favor of the others. He told me that the one Warlock that he was sure I should keep…was Vayl2. That was the point when I really changed gears with her and it just started to click.

Taking a second look at the Consul

Her theme force is just awesome. You have to run 3 flying beasts, a spawning vessel, and 3 heavies. You cannot include forsaken, raptors or swordsmen which are very solid with her. As a bonus your heavies cost 1 less, solos get advance move, flying beasts get +2 speed on the first turn, and you get + 1 to your starting roll. I can still see the reason to play her outside the theme force but those sweet bonuses are difficult to ignore.

I received a lot of feedback about my first Vayl2 article and it seems that players really wanted more specifics. I had played her in 3 Steamroller events at this point. I won all 3. I play her in and out of Tier. And every game she was clicking more and more. But the question was plaguing me. Is she better in her Theme force? Is was a hard question at that time. I was playing mostly 35 point games because that is what the events were.

How to use the Spawning Vessel?

The Tier list requires a Spawning Vessel. I had purhcased one before seeing Vayl2 but I had yet to assemble it. I can now say that Vayl2 got me to really looking closer the Vessel. Here is what i started discovering about the pot.

The first thing that I discovered really quickly was that a min unit of the spawning vessel just doesn’t have the reach  collection. So I have been including the full unit which still only costs 3 points. I find room for it by not including the required shredder and playing conservative with my beasts until I have the corpse tokens to pop out a shredder. I deploy it in the front/center of my starting area. Stick my infantry on both sides of it so it doesn’t slow them down. Which gets me to the next part. If you have a spawning vessel, you will get the most use out of it by including at least a unit of infantry.

Which unit to include?

The tier list allows you to use Legionnaires, Hex Hunters and the Blackfrost Shard. The shard isn’t enough models for this purpose. I feel like you can use the Legionnaires if you are tight on points but I have to say…Hex Hunters are amazing with Vayl2.

Icy Grip and Purification set up the Hex Hunters for complete devastation. Purification rips off defender’s ward, iron flesh, or banishing ward. Icy Grip lowers the enemy unit’s defense. Which is key because it helps the charge attack hit and the follow-up battle wizard hex bolt as well.

Story Time: Last year I showed up in my LGS with my new unit of Hex Hunters. I got asked about them but I could only say they were new and I was eager to try them out. Now after bring Vayl2 to some steamroller events…I was asked “How to deal with Hex Hunters?” And that was from a Khador player who just played against me with a full unit of Winterguard. I am not saying Hex Hunters are better than the Deathstar but it has been fun to see Winterguard come up, spray down a bunch of Hex Hunters with Boosted attack rolls from Joe. Then I follow up with 4 remaining Hex Hunters killing 8 Winterguard. Pretty satisfying.

What about Bayal?

At 35 points has been performing very well for me with Vayl2. Advance Delpoyment on the Hex Hunters can really take away from the clutters deployment area caused by the slow spawning vessel. Also Bayal hs the potential for extra kills with his 2nd weapon or from his spray. He still dies very easily to boosted blast damage so be careful. He isn’t required by any means but when the point work out he can be worth 3 points with Vayl2. But whether those points are available really depends on your beast selection.

At 50 points it becomes very difficult to find room for Bayal. You can fit 5 Heavy Beasts into the list but there just isn’t much room for Bayal, Sorceress on Hellion or the Shard. I may have to give it another try but right now he doesn’t bring enough to the table to take up 3 points of the list.

Which Beasts to run with her?

The first thing you have to decide is which beasts to fulfil the required 3 flying beasts? Harrier, Soldier, Seraph, and Angelius are your options. For me it has become 2 Angels at the very least. I have had moderate success with a Seraph in the 3rd slot. I have tried a Harrier which is better than you might think but I feel like that choice turns your tier bonus from “1 point less cost on heavies” into “free harrier” which is not really that great. Harriers are great options for turning into Oc-nodes but you are already including a spawning vessel so you will get 2-3 lessers out of it in most games.

I have started playing 3 angels and I really like how it plays. Normally 3 of the same heavy makes you very specialized but 3 angels give you a nice spread. They can all shoot, they can all push models out of control zones, they can all get damage on heavies no matter how high the armor, and they can all clear troops because of overtake. I can always find something to do with an Angelius with Vayl2.

I have my 3 flying beasts…what now?

After the angels I like to includes Ravagores with Vayl2. Ravagores don’t need any of her buffs to be effective which is good because occultation, refuge and admonition are probably all handed out on her or angels. The increased ranged threat by including Ravagores also helps against the strong control feats like Denny2, Haley2 and Saeryn.

Why not Scytheans? I don’t really like Scytheans with Vayl2. When you send a Scythean at a heavy with vayl2, it is really doing it without support. Icy Grip can’t be used on jacks/beasts. If Scytheans start running into 13 def or 20 armor their results start to really dwindle. If you are facing Legion or Retribution, Scytheans can perform great without buffs but in the rest of the match ups I feel like Scytheans won’t perform well enough without the help other casters provide. The moment a Scythean can’t kill the target heavy in one activation, I would rather have the full range of abilities on an Angelius.

What to include for support?

I find that shepherds perform very well for Vayl2. Considering her beasts can shoot a lot, they often refuge back after getting into melee so they can stay back safely and still rip the fury off the Angels.

I also like including a single spell martyr when the points allow. There is always one icy grip or obliterate that I want to deliver to a weird spot and it is nice to have a spell martyr for that spell so you don’t have to run a shredder into a strange location.

Lists for the Consul of Everblight

Vayl, Consul of Everblight {+6}
~Angelius {8}
~Angelius {8}
~Angelius {8}

Hex Hunters {8}
~Bayal, Hound of Everblight {3}
Spawning Vessel {3}

Shepherd {1}
Shepherd {1}
Spell Martyr {1}

Additional Rules:
Non-character solos gain Advanced Deployment.
Add +1 to your starting game roll.
Warbeasts with Flight gain +2 SPD during your first turn.

I really enjoyed this list at 35 points. One martyr for an early Icy Grip or Obliteration. The 3rd Angelius allows you to lose one over a bad Refuge or controling a zone and keep the pressure on.

I played this list in a 4 round Steamroller event and I am very happy with how it performed. I got very low on my death clock each game but I had a huge model advantage every time. But in the end the list won out and I used it all four rounds to go undefeated. For reinforcements I ran a min unit of hex hunters and a shredder.

Vayl, Consul of Everblight  {+6}
~Angelius  {8}
~Angelius  {8}
~Angelius  {8}
~Ravagore  {9}
~Typhon {11}

Legionaires {6}
Spawning Vessel {3}

Shepherd  {1}
Shepherd  {1}
Spell Martyr {1}

Additional Rules:

Non-character solos gain Advanced Deployment.
Add +1 to your starting game roll.
Warbeasts with Flight gain +2 SPD during your first turn.

This list drops Hex Hunters to be able to add a Ravagore and Typhon. Legionaires go into the list to make room for the sweet Beasts. I would use a full unit of Hex Hunters and a Shredder in the Reinforcements or a Carnivean.

One thing that I want to be very clear about. I am not saying that you need to Hex Hunters or need to run 3 Angels. There are tons of ways to run Vayl2. That is probably the best part of her. Enjoy a Warlock that can run nearly the whole faction competitively.


This is where I am focusing in on Vayl2. I still feel like there are other ways to go. Raptors, Gatorman Posse, Swordsmen and forsaken make me wonder if she would be better outside of the tier list. I also like the Shard with her at 50 points but they will likely be with other casters or just suffering from a lack room after the Naga has invaded my lists.

Vayl2 can do great things with Refuge and Repulse. She can walk up, Refuge herself, Repulse a target, shoot it, Refuge movement and then Repulse it again. I have also used refuge movement to get me into a control zone so I can get that get Repulse. Which is very important because they list does have some problems killing small based casters that camp well.

I hope this has been helpful for you and thank you for reading my thoughts.



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  1. Reaper2zero said:

    I have not thought about using 3 angels in the tier, thinking about it now makes a fair bit of sense.

    Great write-up, keep them coming!

  2. Omnusomnus said:

    It suprised me how much I liked it. Of all the ways I have played her at 35 points, 3 angels has definately felt like the best. Especially when you want her to be an all-comers type of list. I am glad you enjoyed the write up!

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