Long Road To The Harbor City: Painting Wood and Stone

It´s finally the time to paint my three harbor houses. Those who have followed my journey from the start may have noticed that I didn´t write about everything that I constructed for the houses. All the big things yes, but I just didn´t remember to take pictures of all the little things that I have done. That´s the reason why I jump on to the painting.

Although I describe my color choices through GW`s paintline I didn´t actually use those paints. It would have been too expensive with the three houses. Instead I painted the chosen colors on a white paper and walked to the nearest DIY-store. These kind of stores have a wide selection of wall paints in numerous colors. There I just handed the paper to the “paint dealer” and made sure that I would get paints which could be thinned with water. It cost me 7 euros/jar and most of these would last a long time with proper care.

So now I have the paints, my houses are ready and the working area is secured for all the splatter.Here we go!

As you can see I always use a dark brown (scorched brown) for base color. In my opinion black is too dark and sharp for shadows. Dark brown is much more natural and it is easier to cover with lighter colors. I covered every inch of the houses with brown.

When I thought about the colors I made a pile of small test pieces on which I tried different variations.

With these test pieces it was easy to try different combinations without the fear of repainting the actual houses.


For the outer boarding I used charadon granite on top of the scorched brown base:

Then I drybrushed with graveyard earth and then with kommando khaki:

This gives a nice weathered look for the wood. I then weathered the wood here and there with brown and green washes to give it little bit more age. Again I didn´t use GW´s washes but made my own with paint, water and matte medium (if you are interested how, Ghool talks about it here)


When I constructed the houses I should have remembered to do something for the surface of the stonewalls. Because I didn´t drybrushing didn´t work as good as I hoped. For this test piece I made a little ball from aluminum foil and rolled it on top of the wall. This gives the stone little bit texture as you can see here:

Like everything else the stone walls were covered with scorched brown. On top of this I heavily overbrushed the walls with adeptus battlegrey:


Then I gave the walls a brown wash and when this was dry I drybrushed with codex grey:

For the final highlights I used light drybrush of Fortress grey:

After this I also used washes to give some age for the stone. Here are two of the houses after these simple steps:

Comments and critics are always welcome!

Next up: Painting walls and roofs




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    Finally! I’ve been waiting with great anticipation for these painting articles to start for a long time now! Great job and keep them coming!

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