Long Road To The Harbor City: Painting the Outer Walls and the Roofs

The houses got the first layers of paint on them and the progress continues with the painting of the outer walls and the roofs.

After the last painting session we left the houses to look like this:

Before the painting I wanted that the foam-core surface would have some kind of texture on it. I decided to try Distress Crackle Paint because I wanted to see what kind of result this stuff can produce.

I have to say that this stuff is great but I didn’t use it enough. The effect is good but my paints were too thick and most of the effect were covered. I’m sure that I’m going to use it again in the future and then I will slap a good thick layer of it if it´s terrain that I’m working on. I think that I will try it also with bigger miniatures or shields.


Outer walls:

It was time to brighten the look! I had wanted to use white for the outer walls from the start of the project but it took a little bit of time to find the right kind of white. I didn’t want the color to be too bright so I ended up with Art Acrylics line and color named Antique White.

This is really a good color and it’s way better than ‘GW bleached bone for this case. As you can see from the next picture it has more grey or brown on it than the bleached bone.

The walls were very straight forward. First two to three layers of antique white over the brown base-coat to get smooth color. Then just gryphone sepia (this time the real stuff, not any of my own mixes) wash to the edges to make the wall look older.

Note: The texture on this piece is not Distress Crackle Paint. It´s just plain paint mixed with sand. I didn’t want to waste any of the good stuff.

Before I decided to use gryphone sepia I used some test pieces to try different shades.

Here is some pictures after the wash was dried:

As you can see the wash effect is quite subtle. I should have made it stronger because it isn’t really visible from a distance. Anyhow I really like to build stuff but it´s always a magical moment when you see how the paint gives life to the colorless terrain piece:

The Roof:

I over-brushed the brown base-coat with necron abyss. I was trying to achieve a blue-grey effect on the roof:

Then I used brush with stiff hairs to drybrush shadow grey on to the tiles. The reason for this kind of brush is to achieve streaky finish:

Again using the same stiff brush I dry-brushed codex grey and lastly fortress grey on the the tiles. I made sure that I always left some of the previous paint visible:

Then I used heavily watered down camo green to age the tiles:

Here are few shot of the completed roof:

And this is where we are now:

Comments and critics are welcome!

Next up: Inner walls and Merchants mosaic floor



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  1. Ola said:

    Ace tutorial! Thos whole series is truly epic! Keep at it and bring it to the finish line! 🙂

    The final roof came out better than I expected from what I saw on the test-piece pictures. Will try it on my fortified manor! Cheers!

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