Long Road to the Harbor City: Painting Inner Walls of the Inn And Merchants floor

It takes time to build houses. It takes more time to build interior parts on those houses. It takes ages to completely paint the outside and the inside of the houses. But hey, it´s all worth it!

Inner walls of the Inn

I had some problems figuring out what colors I should use on the interior walls. It´s good to remember that it´s quite easy to actually try some different paints on to the project than just wonder what to use. If it goes wrong, repaint it! Here is my first experiments:

The yellow color was really bad but I thought that the orange worked fine. Because it´s a Inn it shouldn´t be too bright but I wanted to use something more interesting than just brown for example. The orange color is Macharius solar orange with a spot of brown. As you can see from the next picture you don´t have to worry if the paint spreads little bit because it´s really easy to repaint all of your little mistakes

Then I used brown wash to the edges of the wall and drybrushed some bubonic brown on the center of the wall to make it look more interesting. That´s about it!

After this stage I stepped back and realized something. I used to live in a small apartment and now days have to wonder how did I ever manage to work with my projects when my current big working space looks like this. It´s nice to have one dedicated space for the hobby.

Merchant´s mosaic floor

From the beginning I wanted to try something different for the Merchants floor and the mosaic tiles were a neat idea. I started the painting with Dark angels green and Regal Blue.

I pictured in my mind that there would be some patterns on the tiles. First I thought that white would be the right color but soon found out that I was wrong. I also tried to paint darker center on the green tiles and lighter center on the blue tiles. Wrong again.

I repainted that one tile and at the same time switched light green on the center of the green tiles. Then I used Ice blue to paint squares on to the blue tiles. This looked much better.

Because the merchant operates in a harbor I decided to make some sea themed pattern on the center of  the floor. I know that the compass is little bit over used as a symbol but it looks great and it´s a bit challenging to paint. First I used pencil to draw few guidelines

You can see from the up coming pictures that I painted gloss varnish on to the tiles which surround the center. It was a mistake because, as you can see from the pics, it ended up too shiny. I also didn´t thin it enough so it dried very uneven.

Then I drew all the points of the compass, four big and four small.

I used watered down Vermin brown and Dark angels green to give nice base color for the sides of the horns.

I used Bubonic brown and Goblin green to build up the colors

Scorpion green and Bubonic brown+ spot of Golden yellow was used to define some edges and corners of the symbol.

I think that the symbol turned out quite good. I have to figure out what to do with that extra shine because at the moment it´s ruining the whole floor.

Here is the trio at the moment.

As always comments and critics are welcome!

Next up: More floors.



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  1. Mateus Carneiro said:

    That’s impressive! I wish I could create scenery building like yours. Amazing work!

  2. Arlaharen said:

    To remove the shine you can use pretty much any matte varnish. I prefer to use Testor’s spray on Dullcote myself.

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