Long Road To The Harbor City: Painting More Floors

After the merchant’s mosaic floor it was time to paint ordinary stone and wood floors. However I tried to make the floors stand up a bit by using not so common colors

Floor of the Inn

Over the Scorched brown base coat I heavily dry-brushed Bestial brown. Over this I dry-brushed Vomit brown. I also noticed that I had missed few white spots between the planks but this wasn’t a problem because I washed the whole floor with Devlan mud which covered those spots. That was quick and easy!

I used the same colors also on to the second floor rooms but somehow managed to lose the pics of that.

Smith´s floor

The smith’s floor is build from flagstones. When you look at this kind of floor in real life it looks like there are subtle differences in the colors of the stones. I tried to mimic this effect.  I chose about six pastel (light) colors and painted the stones with those.

Yes I know that the colors screams “DISASTER” but no worries! I washed the whole floor with Devlan mud. Here is before and after pics.

At the moment the stones are too bright so to tone the colors down I lightly dry-brushed the stones with Godex grey and then Fortress grey. Don´t drybrush too heavily or you will loose the colors underneath.

Then again heavy wash of Devlan mud.

Here is the finished floor. The effect isn’t big but trust me, it´s worth the work.

Comments and critics are welcome as always!

Next up: Marble stairs and some details



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  1. Mateus Carneiro said:

    Every time I see a scenery masterpiece as this, it makes me sad. It makes my raw abilities look even more pathetic…

    Still, I keep coming for more. 🙂

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