The Black Tower

I had a little accident while back and because of that my right arm is almost useless at the moment. Therefor all my terrain projects are on a standstill. All is not lost because now I have time to train the motor skills of my left arm and plan future projects. Also I can type with my left arm so I decided to dig deep and show you how I constructed my very first big terrain piece, the Black Tower. This project was and is the foundation of my terrain skills. I had to figure out different techniques a long the way and learned few basic things about terrain making the hard way.

I wanted to have a round tower and because I had an empty supplement bucket laying around I used it as a base for my project. I cut the upper half off because even at that time I thought that it´s important that minis can enter buildings:

I drew the outline of the tower on a piece of 5cm thick bluefoam and cut out the base of the tower:

Then I used PVA glue to attach the base and the tower. I sketched rough plan on to the foam what I would like to have on the base. As you can see I also glued small foam tiles on to the upper part of the tower to act as a support for the soon to come walking plane:

Original plan was to have big stairs at the back of the tower which would divide to two smaller stairs which would leed on to the top. Here is the first try at the stairs:

When I was happy for the rough shape of the big stairs I used woodfiller to cover all the cuts and holes and sanded the thing smooth. It’s always good to dryfit the pieces now and then to see that those fit properly. When the stairs were ready I glued those down and also used blue pen to draw the outlines of the tiles on to the foam:

Then it was time to build the smaller stairs. I pinned all the steps with thin metal rod before glueing. When the shape was ready and sturdy I covered it with filler sanded it:


The front wall of the tower looked little bit thin so I turned my attention to that. I grabbed some small foam tiles and glued them on both sides of the door. Only one row of tiles and from the outside the wall looks thicker than it really is. As you can see from the first picture I have a bag of these tiles ready all the time:

At the same time I constructed the upper plane also. It´s just a piece of foam with carved tiles. The two planes rest on those preglued support pieces:

The inside of the door didn´t look right so I glued more tiles to the wall and added pillars on both sides of the door. Now it looked more realistic:

Yes, I think that I will stop here because my right hands informs my brain that there is some pain coming that way. I return to my couch but return with a new article as soon as I can negotiate good working agreements with my arm!



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