The Black Tower – Part 3 – Painting

Painting of the tower would be easy nowdays but back then it was a scary project. Most important thing that I learned was to have the courage to try. If you mess up, so what?

I used black acrylic paint to lay down good base color. I didn’t know whats the use of base color but I did it because somebody wrote on the Interweb that you should do this because pro´s do it!

I used small pebbles from a flower store  to give the base of the tower some texture. I strongly recommend that you use common earth for this because these kinds of pebbles are too evenly sized and therefore unnatural.

Here I encountered my first obstacles. I think that I didn’t clean up the bucket thoroughly because when the paint started to dry it chipped very badly.

I tried to repaint it but it didn’t work so I used wood filler to cover all those places where the paint chipped.

This would have been avoided by washing up the supplement bucket before use. After this episode I have always washed all plastic materials which I’m going to use on my projects.

When the paint finally decided not to chip I added little bit rougher pebbles on top of the earlier ones to give the terrain more variation. Because this tower should look like ancient building I also scattered some pebbles on the inside of the tower also.

The outer parts of the tower were dry-brushed with dark grey, then lighter shade of grey and lastly with white. I had sanded all the parts too smooth so the dry-brushing effect wasn’t really a success. The same color was used also for the stone underneath the tower. I thought at that time that black is black and didn’t shade the black under-paint at all. Base was painted with brown.

I used way too thick of a paint so it took ages to dry and also didn’t spread evenly. Then the rougher pebbles were picked out with green paint which was also used to give the stones, tiles and stairs some age.

Here are the final pictures of the tower. I added some bright green paint to the rougher pebbles to give it more contrast.

Final words

All in all I’m still quite pleased with this work considering that it was my first ever. There are numerous things what I would do differently now a days but this tower represented the peek of my skills at that time. It´s still used in gaming and last time I checked it looked exactly the same, not even the paint has chipped.

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