Let Your Third Eye Open!

When you have messed with terrain for a while evolution takes over and creates something very useful deep inside our mind. I´m talking about terrain enlightenment, the unfolding of your Third eye!

The Third eye is in someway a blessing but like many other thing also a curse. When your Third eye has opened up you observe the world at a different angle. You constantly ponder how could I use that leaf on the ground or that funny drinking straw in my next terrain project. It´s a good thing because this way you can bring new and exciting things to your terrain but it´s a curse because you can´t switch it off. It´s always on like it or not. If you watch closely every great terrain maker has a good Third eye. They discover and use everyday objects in such a fantastic but simple way that you always wonder “why the heck didn’t I figure that out?”

I cherish my Third eye, it´s still in it´s early development stages but already im making good finds. A few days back my Third eye got me freaked out with possible the most ordinary things in the world, buttons! I had to buy oil to my car and went to a small shopping center in my town. There was this little sewing shop which was closing it´s business and therefore had a 50% off sale. I´m always intrigued by a sale so I stepped in (can you see how my Third eye has taken control of my actions? What could I possible want to buy from a sewing shop sale?) I wandered for a while and BANG!, there they were, buttons. Before you write to the HCO administrator and request immediate psychological treatment for me, check these pictures out:

These were the first ones I spotted. Those little details are perfect for decorating a temple for example. Because those are in different sizes I can use them in different places and keep the overall coherence.

The one in second row and right is perfect size for a shield. The others could be a center of a cartwheel or some kind of mystery sigils.

The ones on the right are obviously lamps, massive diamonds or magical orbs

Can you now see why i´m so excited? Of course I can´t use these straight up because I only have these few pieces. I have to make a mold out of these so I don´t have to worry about loosing them. I´m sure that after the molding I will use these on my harbor board and maybe already on my houses, who knows?

The Third Eye is triumphant again! There is endless opportunities on how to use these buttons on my miniatures and terrain. Without the keen sight of the Eye I would have missed these and many other wonderful things so I urge you to start meditating so you can unleash the power of the Eye. How to meditate you ask? Simple, make more terrain!!


p.s. If your Eye has catch something wonderful why not share it with us in the comment box!



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  1. Autumn StoneAutumn Stone said:

    I’m so glad it’s not just me!

    I also have a big collection of interesting buttons. My haberdashery shop also had a bunch of beading and necklace making stuff, so expensive trips, but lots of cool stuff. The right clasps and beads also make great bollards for urban terrain and pulleys for ropes, ships, etc.

    Thanks for showing me I’m not the only crazy one


  2. Army Altaholic said:

    Yeah, I’m known to hit the notions wall when DW drags me into a fabric store. The notions wall typically has buttons, snaps, etc – all of which have made their way into my terrain over the years.

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