Scratch Build Terrain Details: Torches, Part two: Sculpting flames and painting

On the first article we ended up in the situation above so let´s carry on!

Let the greenstuff cure for 10-15 minutes so it´s easier to work with. Use the back side of the hobby blade or sculpting tool to press little  grooves into the greenstuff.

Take some sculpting tool which has a sharp point, pull the groove slightly up and twist the torch also little bit to give the groove a curve.

Continue to tease the grooves up carefully.

After a while there will be a blob of greenstuff at the top of the soon-to-be flame. Just grab it with your fingers and pull it off carefully.

For this one I twisted the greenstuff too much. Remember that although the flames are “alive” they are not whirls!

If the flame is too big and unnatural, as it is above, use your fingers to pull off some more greenstuff.

Now you can add more grooves if you want and sculpt the greenstuff. Try to make it look like a flame!

There are often more than one flame in a fire, so if you want to add some more realism, roll really small blob of greenstuff and glue it on the bigger flame.

Then use the same technique to form the flame, tease it up!

When you think that the flames look ok, it´s time to paint! Don´t be too hard on yourself or you will sculpt the flames forever. Do it better next time!


Use white base color to give the flames clean and sharp colors. Then paint all the inner parts of the frame black. You don´t want to mess with the inner parts after the flames are ready.

Then use THINNED down  yellow paint to cover the whole flame.

Before the paint dries use THINNED down orange paint to cover 2/3 of the flames. Because the yellow hasn’t dried yet you can blend it smoothly with the orange.

Then before the orange paint dries use (do I have to say it again?) THINNED down red paint to cover 1/3 of the flame. Blend.

After all the paints have dried use dark red paint on to the very edges of the flames to give it more contrast.

The key here is to use very thin paints. Although this is wet-blending don´t be worried if you haven´t tried it before. It´s quite easy with the big flame and remember, you can always repaint it!

Use GW´s tin bitz for the pole and the frame. Then stipple some dwarf bronze on top of the previous paint and you are done!

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