Scratch Build Terrain Details: Chandelere and candles

Today we are going to build a chandelier and also candles to go with it. The candles are very easy to make and look decent so if you want to spice up your bases or even miniatures keep on reading.

You will need:

  • thin plastic sheet
  • thin plastic rod
  • piece of paper
  • knife (as always, a sharp one)
  • plastic tube
  • metal wire
  • glue
  • some paints

Let´s start from the upper part of the chandelier. Sketch the shape of the soon-to-be chandelier on a piece of paper. Cut it out and use this as a template to make two identical decorations from plastic sheet.

When you try to cut out complex patterns don´t cut straight according to the pattern. Cut of pieces here and there and little by little the pattern is ready. This method is much easier and does’t even take that long.

Then cut the pieces in half and glue those on a plastic tube to form the upper half of the chandelier.

Then cut and bend some thin plastic rod inside of the decorations. Also cut thin strips from plastic sheet and glue those between the center tube and the decorations. These will be the base for the candles.

The base of the stand is very straight forward. Cut a cross from the plastic sheet and glue it under the stand. Then cut small pieces from the tube and glue those on.

Now all we need is some small candles. This was my first time to try this technique but I think that the results is pretty good. Take a small piece of something quite soft like balsa. Take the metal wire, cut short pieces of it and stick those to the balsa.

Then take some thick glue, I used PVA, turn the balsa upside down and dip the wire pieces to the glue. Place the balsa somewhere upside down were the glue can dry. The glue will form the flame of the candle.

When the glue is drying cut short pieces from the thin plastic rod. When you are sure that the glue is ready, place the balsa on a level surface and glue the rods on top of the glue. Use super-glue to speed up the process.

Then use clippers to cut the wire just beneath the PVA glue. Now you have some nice little candles.

 When you start to make the candles I recommend that you make a big patch of them. When you have some spare candles ready all the time you can add them where you want without to go through the whole project again.

Glue some candles on top of the chandelier. I also added some wire to the stand to make it visually more interesting.

Use Tin bitz to give the chandelier a base color and stipple some bright bronze paint around it. Also paint the wire around the stand with the brighter bronze. For the candles I used bleached bone and bright yellow for the flame.

Now you have a decent chandelier to light up your dungeon or castle!!!!

Well that’s all folks for this time!! Comments and critics are always welcome.



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    Great stuff there, mate! Should make Maelok players very happy.

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