Long Road To The Harbor City: Finished Merchant´s House!

It has been a long journey (too long) with these houses but finally it has came to an end, sort of. The next three articles will feature all three of the houses, details, what is still missing and would I change anything. Let´s start with the Merchant’s house.

If you are new to the site, you can check out the whole progress from earlier articles:



There are also many articles about the details of the houses but you find those under the Hobby Content – Terrain Craft topic. Now let´s look how the houses came out:

Merchant´s house

I’m quite happy with the overall appearance of this house. I would add more weathering to the white walls but that is to laborious so I settled with this. Best part of the house in my opinion must be the steel bars. Those give the house some roughness and character. I’m still quite baffled that I made the front door square. It looks fine in the picture but when you place a mini next to it you see how the proportion is way of!

I’m very happy that I decided to try the marble effect on the stairs. It pushed my skills little bit further and the look is unique. This also ensured that I will use different kinds of marble also on to the gaming board.

There should be more variation on the colors of the brick wall to make it more interesting. For this house the Hirst arts plaster details worked perfectly.

I planned to add some candles and maybe a big stuffed fish(!) on the wall but didn’t.

I constructed also a cart for the Merchants to transfer the goods but the front side of the house became to cramped so I left it out. The inside of the house has, although there is some details, still enough room for the miniatures to “walk” around.


This is the only house I consider “Finished” because almost everything that I planned has been made. I will add some growth and leaves and such for all of the houses but I will make it at the same time as the board to keep the look coherent. If made this house again I would make all the doorways little bit bigger because now those are so tight that the paint of the door is taking damage. Also I would use different technique for the window because I think that the result, that is quite good, took too much time.

Comments and critics are welcome and if you wan´t some specific photo of something, let me know.



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  1. Snickering Imp said:

    Awesome job! This has been a great series and the results are amazing. It’s hard to comment on any one aspect of that piece as it’s excellent in every aspect.

    As for the square door, I didn’t notice it until I read the line that points it out. I’ve been playing King’s Bounty: The Legend (a PC game) and just yesterday there was an NPC who commented about the need to widen his door because his wife is no longer the slender woman he married years ago. It was tied to the dowry he owed her father, having to pay her weight in gold. Since the husband had not payed when he married her, the father insisted on the husband paying at her current weight.

    In any case, there’s a story for your door. It was widened for the portly and prosperous merchant owner who has obviously been stuffing more than his coffers with his success.

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