Long Road To The Harbor City: Finished Smith´s House!

It`s quite liberating to finally show the finished houses because it means new and completely different terrain projects for me. Hence let`s continue on to the Smiths house. If you missed the Merchants house, I recommend to first check this out!

Like the Merchants house, Smiths house was also strongly (read “religiously”) influenced  by the now discontinued Tabletop Worlds Blacksmiths forge. Because I couldn’t buy one any more I made my own. On the forums some pointed out how cheap it was to copy the design but look at the link, the forge is gorgeous! If it`s a problem for you, don´t read on!

Again I’m very pleased with the overall result. Much of it originates from the design which is very clever using different textures and shapes. It would need some weathering for the walls and for the wood but like with all of the houses, I will leave it as it is. The best part must be the space surrounding the forge. Sloped roof, the forge and the wooden pillars give it a unique look. Blazing charcoals gives the house some warmth. In the picture above you can see some warping on the sloped roof which occurred when I painted the roof. I think that I used wall paint that was still to thick.

When I have the time, I will add the smiths anvil and tools under the second floor overhang. I would also like to add a broken cartwheel some where because it just belongs in this kind of workshop!

Little details, like the pile of wood next to the forge, give some realism to the whole house. If there is a fire, there should also be something which was used to make the fire. This is obvious for dioramas but is usually neglected in gaming terrain.

On the picture above you can see one of the planning “mistakes” that I would like to change. The wooden stairs lead to the balcony, which was planned to be the smiths bedroom, but there is no walls on it! For some reason I constructed the walls to be part of the roof and therefore when you lift the roof, off goes the walls.

There will be some weapons and tools on the inside walls because I thought that the second floor would be the smiths shop. It would be too laborious to make all the weapons myself so now I’m looking for some commercial products to help me out. I planned that there would be a sales table in front of the stone stairs but the space would have been too narrow for the movement of figures so I had to leave it off.


This house differentiates itself from the other houses because it has no working doors or window shutters. This wasn’t a conscious decision, I just became blind of my own mistakes. I realized the lack of shutters at the painting stage and just didn’t have the energy to make them. This is what happens when you work with one project for too long, besides the the end result is great. Someday I will add the tools, cartwheel, the anvil, weapons and a sign above the door that will complete the house BUT that day will have to wait for some other time!

Comments and critics are welcome and if you wan´t some specific photo of something, let me know.



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