Long Road To The Harbor City: Finished Inn!

This is the last article about my houses because although there is minor things to do on every piece, I want to really concentrate on the harbor board. So for the last time with the houses, I hope you enjoy! If you missed the first two, fear not. You can find those here and here.
This one was completely my own design and I think that the layout turned out quite decent.

As you can see from the pictures above I had most of my warping problems with this house. Although I glued supports to the underside of the roof, it still warped. I like how the steps to the upper floor came out but I would like to add support pillars to the sloped roof. I you have followed my WIP-articles, you should remember that originally there really was pillars. Those were broken when we first play-tested the houses and I decided to leave them off. The best part of the house has to be the back side of the Inn with different stairs, chimney and other details.

The inside of the Inn was quite a labour, but it was all worth the time. Now a days I would maybe choose different colors but you can´t always find the best combination. I have tables and chairs which could be added to the first floor but I think that I won´t glue those on because there could be some problems gaming wise. Also I’m searching for small bottles and the like to be added but there is no hurry with those.

I originally planned to add same kind of stairs here like the ones in Smith´s house but fortunately ended up with this steel ladder. These really look like they belong to the house and aren’t too massive in size.

I wanted to give the second floor a good “in use” feel. It has a private room for the Innkeeper (or maybe a customer) and also a storage for food and stuff.

The whole project was first aimed for the GW`s Lord of The Rings game but because I found Privateer Press products shortly after this I decided to make the houses so that they would also fit in that universe too. You can see from the main door the history of the piece with the White Tree of Gondor. I think that it does fit Warmachine and Hordes as well, maybe the Inn is named after some tree. Any suggestions? The torches were last minute add and I’m very pleased how those turned out. Again they bring some spirit to the house.

Here is some group shots.


From all of the houses this is the one that I’m most pleased with. It was my own design, there were lots of problems with it, I used many new techniques (for me that is) with it and still it looks nice. Again there are things that I could add or make better but I don’t plan to. It´s completes the trio and I’m glad that I made all the houses together. I don´t recommend it but in this way the houses look really good together.

This was a long and laborious project but I don´t regret it. I’m happy that it´s over and I can move on but I’m sure that now and then I will return to the houses and add something little to them.

Comments and critics are welcome and if you wan´t some specific photo of something, let me know

Next up: Long Road To The Harbor City Board: The Beginning



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    Sadly I can’t actually see your two previous articles. I’m getting a 404 error. You wouldn’t happen to have another link to those articles as these are quite easily the best inns I have seen and I’d love to read more about your work!

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