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So we recently got our hands on the Zombicide board game by Guillotine Games. We managed to get in on their highly successful Kickstarter at the Abomination level which also got us a few extra goodies form the stretch rewards.

The great thing about this game is it can be played with one to six players and the games dynamic and difficulty is a bit different as you add each player due to how the turns operate. but we will get into that later.

First lets take a look at the game components.

The Game comes with:

The gaming tiles are made of a durable cardboard and are double sided which saves on space while increasing the number of tile options players have for the various scenarios that come in the book.

The game cards are well made and have a nice finish that should help reduce wear and tear while eating and drinking during your game play.

The Game tokens are made of the same sturdy cardboard material as the board and are heavy enough that they don’t get bumped around on the board to easily and are easy to pick up.

The plastic figures are great for one piece models, all the zombies come in a grey color and all the heroes are color coded to make them stand out easily on the board. For you painters out there the mold-lines on the miniatures are very minor and should take very little time to clean up with a sharp hobby knife.

The Heros also all have cards that are used to track their XP from zombie kills, Abilities they have gained form levelling up, as well as gear they are carrying. As you progress through the game you will move into different threat levels from blue, to yellow to orange and finally red.  As you do so the zombie spawns get progressively harder.

Lastly there is the xp trackers, dice and the cards as mentioned above.

Game play:

So far we have tried the game at one, two, and four players.

At the one player level you only control 4 heroes but you can activate them in any order you choose which gives you the most freedom of control. however this is countered by only having 4 instead of 6 heroes.

At two players each person controls a group of 3 heroes. and one player starts with the first player icon. At this level you have a little less control as the first player activates his 3 heroes and then the second player activates his 3 heroes. After all the heroes have activated the zombies then get to attack, move and spawn. At this point the second player gets the first player token and goes first. The second player always getting to activate their heroes back to back can be very powerful when planning out how to grab objectives, or search buildings and deal with threats.

At four players you each control 1 hero. One player starts with the first player token and players activate in clockwise order after he goes first. Then the zombies turn happens, then spawn. then the first player token moves one player clockwise and the players turns start. In this mode players have the least control over their activations and really need to plan things out well. I highly suggest after starting items are handed out that people consider rotating seats before the game begins so that people are moving in an order the players feel is best because after this their set in rotation.

The fact the zombies are automated and move towards characters they can see or the loudest noise on the table is great as it lets you really focus on what is happening on the board, and you really start to get worried as the zombies pile up.

A few pro tips we learned while playing the game:

  • Never leave someone on a zombie spawn zone. If the zombies spawn there and then an extra activation card comes up your guy is toast.
  • When you open a building for the first time. start spawning at the furthest point from the door and move towards the door you opened. this way if an extra activation card comes up there are not zombies in the first room that lunge out and munch on your hero!


We have played the game at these group sizes a couple of times and it has been a blast every time. The missions in the starting book are a blast to play, and with the scenario creation program you can download you can try building your own scenarios and share them with others.

Not only do I look forward to trying some of the scenarios that people make themselves but I also am looking forward to trying out the new campaign that Guillotine Games just released for people to play.

If you like zombies and are board of the ones you have played before, or even if you just haven’t been all that impressed with the games that have come before I seriously suggest you check this one out!


Bonus Material:

Here are some photos of Nick, Dave, El Cholo as well as the Foam inserts by Battle foam that came with the Abomination level Kickstarter pledges or were purchased as add-ons.


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