Quick and Dirty With Dr. Arkadius

I had some misfortunes with my hex project so I needed to do something completely different to clear my head. I had ordered Dr. Arkadius a while back and because he had stood alone and “naked” for so long it was a perfect bogey for my stabilization of inner piece.

The only reason for me to order Dr. Arkadius was that he looked very cool. Because at the moment I don’t play a lot (at all) I chose my painting objects purely on aesthetic reason only. So after the search of the package, unboxing, cleaning, pinning, washing and setting up the painting station I was ready for some quick and dirty painting! And because this is fast and furious don’t expect fancy painting techniques, Ghool’s miraculous shadings or any other pro shenanigans!

If you have followed my other articles you may notice that this isn’t my typical working surface. I was so frenzied about my terrain idiocy that I needed to also work some where else to leave the whole episode behind me.

As you will notice I use mostly GW´s paints (few Vallejo’s also). Why? Because I don’t have any other brand at hand at the moment. I know that some other paints ranges could be better but I have 100+ pots of GW´s stuff so I will think about changing the brand when these pots run out.

I base-coated the figure with GW´s late Foundation paint Astronomican grey. I knew that there would be few bright colors so I needed a pale basecolor. I don´t like to use white so I decided to try grey.

I thinned my paints and used Vallejo´s Dark skin for the skin on Dr. Arkadius. I noticed from PP`s site that they have painted gloves for dear old doctor but I liked bare hands more. The outside of the coat got Vallejo´s Heavy brown and inside Vallejo`s Khaki. Fur and boots were painted with Bestial Brown and all metal parts with Tin Bitz.

I really like Tin bitz. I have always used it as a basecoat for metals and was sad when GW decided to change the paint formulas. I knew that the follower of Bitz wouldn’t be the same (at least from my point of view) so I stocked up the pots from my dealer and fear the day when those run out.

I had bought Vallejo´s Smoky ink some time ago because some terrain guy mentioned that it´s good for the shading of wood. I haven´t tried it in that kind of situation so I decided to try the effect here. So a good wash for the fur, coat and boots. I imagine that Dr. Arkadius spends his time in dark and damp places so I wanted the skin color to reflect this. Over the base-coat I used Rotting flesh/Elf flesh in 50-50 ratio.

Then I repainted the coat with Heavy brown and inside with Khaki. I also painted the rim of the coat with Blood red to make the coat more interesting to the eye. The fur and the boots were repainted with Bestial but I made sure that this layer didn’t cover too much. The skin was painted a few times with thin Elf flesh.

Next step was to finish the fur and the boots with Vomit brown. This was a final highlight so I used it quite sparsely. I used Bestial brown for the leather straps and highlighted these with Snakebite leather. I used Chainmail and Brass scorpion for the metals and washed those with watered down Devland mud (which I miss also but didn’t stock it up). The hose and the mask was painted with Badab black and all liquids with Scorpion green. I ended this phase by shading the liquids with Thraka green.

Not much to do anymore! I highlighted the medals with corresponding colors (Chainmail and Brass scorpion) and highlighted the mask and hose with Codex grey.  I repainted the liquids few times with very thin Scorpion green and tried to leave some “streaks” to mimic different shades of the liquid. Then I mixed Scorpion with Skull white (60-40) and used this to highlight and also to make the bubbles inside of the liquid. For the head lenses I used Ice blue and made a little reflection point with Skull white.

Then it was only a matter of pinning the model to the base and finish it, which was very straight forward. I glued some sand and little rocks to the base. Sand was base-coated with Bestial brown and highlighted with Snakebit leather. The rocks got layer of Codex grey and Fortress grey. Then I  just pinched one of the Army Painters Highland Turfs (I will make a review of this stuff soon) and glued it in place.  That´s it and it only took under three hours (that´s fast for me).


As you can see I’m not much of a painter but I do enjoy it a lot. One thing that has always irritated me is my brushes. I have always used GW’s  brushes which, in my opinion, are crap. They don’t hold a point and wear out quite fast. I have thought that I have got a few badly constructed ones but the fact is that I have painted several years now and not once got a decent GW brush!! But because I mostly do terrain I always forget how bad those are and when I get back to painting the reality smacks me straight to my face. Now I’m really fed up with the brushes and decided to follow Ghool´s recommendations and buy some Raphael 8404. Let´s see how those work in the hands of an amateur!

Until next time!