Long Road To The Harbor City Board: Harbor starts to emerge

Basic construction techniques of the hexes are now decided and tried so it´s time to make the hexes unique and interesting. Let´s start with the dock.

I wanted to have some kind of indication that there is sewers underneath the city and one easy way to make this is to build outlet of the tunnel network. I´m planning to use the sewers in some way in the future but that is still on the drawing board.

I took a thick cardboard tube and cut of a basic shape for the sewer tunnel. When I glued the pieces on the hex I used Dr. Arkadius to see that the tunnel is in the right scale.

I used thin strips of foam to cut the tiles for the tunnel. Then just some glue and patience. I deliberately placed the tiles in a loose formation to indicate some ageing.

The edge of the tunnel didn’t look right so I cut thin strip of plasticard and glued it on to hide the edge. This will be some kind of metal structure, bars maybe, when it´s finished. I had to use tape to keep it in place when the glue dried.

I wanted the dock to be quite high from the sea-level (6cm to be exact) and also that the structure would stand against playing “accidents”. Therefore I bought some wooden flower support sticks from the local supermarket and cut these to the same length. These are very sturdy, and dirt cheap, but not so easy to work with like balsa.

Then I used saw with small teeth to drag some patterns onto the surface of the sticks. This makes the sticks much more realistic and gives a good surface for dry-brushing.

The ends of the sticks looked too clean and young and because I wanted bashed and old look I needed to figure some way to do this. I ended up using metal poker to smash the ends and this proved to be quite successful because there is a small ridge in the poker which broke the stick just a bit to make it look good.

Now that I had some very good looking support pillars for the dock I started to glue them on. There is no pattern here, I just placed them where it looked good.

I had to move to use super-glue for the basic glueing because the winter came and therefore the temperature of my hobby garage dropped dramatically. Because of the temperature I can’t use the hot-glue gun because the glue cools down too fast. I’m a stingy bastard so I’m not going to turn the heater up but it´s much more expensive to use the super-glue. What a dilemma!!

Then I used a piece of foam to glue some wooden sticks to support the pillars. The foam piece helped me to get all the sticks on a right height. I will use the same foam piece for all of the dock pieces and this way the dock will be at the same height in all of the hexes.

I had some wooden buttons laying around in my bits box and decided to try what the supports sticks would look like with those.

Now the underside of the buttons looked little bit empty so I added another support stick and the result looked quite good. There is no point to make intricate decorations here because the planks of the dock will hide most of the work.

Until next time!



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