Long Road To The Harbor City Board: Fleshing Out the Dock

Last time we saw how the foundations of the dock were constructed. This time it´s all about boring plank work which however is one of the most important stages when trying to make good looking pier. Let´s look how I pulled it off!

To make the painting easier I decided to make the planks removable for the time being. I used skewer sticks as a base and glued balsa planks on top of them. I used knife to “weather” the planks little bit and also varied the length of the planks. I also used pen to draw some grain into the balsa. I made sure that the ending of the pier was exactly at the same level as the MDF base so that the transition to another hex would be as seamless as possible. Then I repeated this for all of the hexes.

Remember to always have a figure at hand to check that everything is in right scale. Now a days Dr. Arkadius keeps a keen eye on my ongoing projects!

My original plan was to make the dock on one level but I wanted more variation. There for I built a couple of stairs to make the dock more interesting and also enable smaller vessels to board more easily. This was not a big deal but made a huge improvement to the overall look. The construction involved mostly cutting and glueing balsa.

Here I left a few planks leaning into the MDF as if they had sunk in to the soon-to-come water.

The stairs were glued so that you could really place miniatures on those.

I made a measurement mistake and the sewer entrance ended up little bit high so I couldn’t add planks over that. After some thinking I realized that this was a good thing because it forced me to make more variation to the dock. I decided to make some kind of metal grate over the entrance.  For this I used plastic tube which I cut to the right length and glued it on.

After the houses I promised to myself that I wouldn’t get stuck on little details in the early stages of the board. Therefore all of the details are made in a hasty manner and I might return to them in the future.

The grate looked little bit too fragile so I cut some plastic strips, glued those on and added some bolts.

The entrance itself also looked a little bit bare so I used the same tube and plastic strips to make some rusted bars. I used clippers to make the ends of the tubes look corroded.

Again I used Dr. Arkadius to check that the entrance looked believable.

Here is some shots where all the pieces are together. I have to say that I like the over all look of the dock already a lot! Well, I can always mess it up with paint!!

I’m thinking that a partially sunk boat would look cool in front of….NO!!! DO NOT MAKE MORE DETAILS YET!! KEEP MOVING ON!!!!

So, until next time.



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