Long Road To The Harbor City Board: Start of the city hexes, Statue Hex.

Welcome back to my little hexboard project. In the last article the main parts of the dock got finished. Although I’m going to make few more dock pieces I decided to move on to the city hexes. This way I could see how the whole project works in the bigger picture or if should I dump the whole thing and start something new.

Even though I promised myself not to get stuck on details I couldn’t help myself and added some teeny weeny stuff to the hexes. These are quite easy to see if you have followed the progress of the hexes.




On with the city hexes. The basic structure is the same as the dock pieces, two 3cm thick foam-hexes and a MDF base. There was one major insight though during the construction of the dock hexes which makes my job a lot easier from now on.

On the dock pieces it is really important that the MDF plates fit together perfectly so that there is no gaps between them (and in the future there is no gaps in the water also). This required a lot of attention to get right. On the  city hexes this doesn’t matter because the only visible hex is the top one. Therefore I could cut the MDF base slightly smaller than the foam hexes. Now it´s much easier to get the hexes fit together properly.



Statue hex

I made a pedestal in my last Scratch build Terrain details and it was something of prequel for the Statue hex. The idea was quite simple. A statue of some sea subject maybe, some pillars and a tile pattern on the ground. I see this as a warm-up for future city hexes. I started with the pattern by drawing it, then scoring it with sharp hobby knife and then retracing the lines with a pen.


I tried out how it worked with the pedestal and also checked the scale with Dr. Arkadius. The drawn circles are places for the pillars.



For my own Christmas present I made a bulk order from PK-PRO shop, which by the way is quite an amazing shop. That order contained some ceramic columns that I have frequently saw Massive Voodoo utilize in their projects. I decided to use these to construct my pillars.


I used five columns per pillar and pinned all together with super glue and thin metal rod.


I wasn’t too fussy about the construction because I will weather these a lot in the future. Here are the pillars with ever pedantic Dr. Arkadius. I think that even in this stage the hex has a nice look.


The pillars looked somehow empty so I roamed through my bitz box and found some end caps for the pillars. Sadly I found only those two so I have to make a mold of those which delays the hex little bit. However those look so good that I will sacrifice the time.


The main idea of the whole board is that everything taller than small base mini will be removable. I think that this makes the storage little bit easier and the possibility that something breaks off during transportation is minor. I will pull this of by different sizes magnets. Everything  that is removable will have a base which is “landscaped” to the terrain hex so everything will blend in to the scenery.

This is the same on this hex. Besides the easier storage with removable pillars I think that it will be quite a nice in-game effect when some big beast throws another big beast trough these pillars and those are removed from play or laid sideways on to the board for the remaining of the game!

Comments are always welcome.

Until next time and go build something!!



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