Long Road To The Harbor City Board: Well Hex, Part I

In the last article I finally got to start the construction of the actual harbor city. The honour to be the first city hex fell to the statue hex but it should be noted here that it´s no where near to be finished and like always I work simultaneously with different hexes so who knows what will be the very first finished city-hex?


First thing to do here was to decide where to place the well. It will be the center piece of this hex and little else will be on that hex. I tried few places and drew the place on the hex.


The well itself will be removable (as everything else tall enough, explained here at the end of the post) but there will be a hole (above pic) in the hex to give the well some real depth. I started the well by drawing the outlines of it´s base to some foam. Then I drew the same outlines to cardboard also and cut these out.




I used tape to place the cardboard templates on each side of the foam block. I used the straight edge of the foam to align the templates correctly. Then I just took my hot wire cutter and cut the outer shape of the well.




Because there was already a drill hole in the foam block I stuck the wire of the cutter through and cut the inside of the well. I used the same technique to make the well hole to the hex.


Then I used the cutter also on the hex itself.


I used Depron (thin foam sheet) to make the base tiles for the well.

Wellhex10  Wellhex11


Then I decided the height of the lower part of the well, marked it with tape and cut it of.



I tried the part with the base on the hex and took Dr. Arkadius to check the scale also. I wanted that the front side of the well has been broken so I cut small section of the foam off.



Because I didn’t have a clear vision from this stage onwards it was a good time to let the project sit over night!

Comments are always welcome, now go and build something!



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