Long Road To The Harbor City Board: Well Hex, Part II

Last time I left the well without any future plans and the situation hasn’t improved at all since. We will, just have to continue without plans!

Because the well will be removable I decided to add a plastic ring underneath the stones to give it some strength. I covered the plastic with thin foam strip and cut little grooves in it to resemble stones.




The base structure looked little bit dull so I added some slates on top of it.



Then I used the round foam piece which I had previously cut inside of the well to get matching pieces inside of the stone ring. These will be the support stones for the pillars.


I made the top of the stone to look like a slate.


When glueing these pieces I also added some smaller rocks and broken tiles here and there. We have to keep in mind that the whole city will look old and crumbled and try to bring it out with details.


I tried out how the pillars would fit over the stones and I wasn’t happy with how it looked. I added pedestals under the pillars and it improved the look. The pedestals were made from Depron which is thin foam and very useful stuff.

The pillars are made from PK-PRO´s ready-cast columns which are quite nice to work with. I bought three different sizes and planning to use them on several hexes.



Then it just needed some pinning and glueing. After the glue was dried it came to me that I really should have pinned the structure to the base plastic to get really strong support. Well it was too late for that now.




Then just more columns, pins, glue and assembly!



I used Depron to make the same kind of pedestals for the top of the pillars. Then I cut a round top from thin plastic sheet for the well which will also be the base for the cover of the well.




Again I used the same round foam piece from earlier stages to give the hat some thickness. I pinned and glued it in place. I had to use some weight to get the foam piece to really connect firmly over the plastic.

With this project I have noticed that if you cut complex shapes from the foam don´t throw away the left overs too quickly. If I had dumped all of the cut out foam, I would have encountered lots of problems to get pieces with the same curves or sizes for other parts of the well.




Now it was a good time to let the project sit for a while and plan some future moves.

Comments are always welcome, now go and build something!



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