Scratch Build Terrain Details: A Winch and a Door To The Crypt

Welcome to another edition of Scratch Build Terrain Details. As the title alludes we are going to look how to build a winch and a door to a crypt.



This winch is part of my well on the hex board project. The initial plan was to make three of these but after I glued the first one I thought that it would be too much to add two more. I started the winch by cutting small circles and drilling some holes in to those (you don´t have to cut three but just one.  I thought that I would build three so three circles).


Then I cut 1mm wider circle and cut it in half.


I drew the initial cut lines to the half circle, drilled few holes in the center of the drawing and used sharp knife to cut the rest.



After I had two of these I glued these on each side of one smaller circle. I though that the best place for winch would be at the front of the well so I glued the soon-to-be winch quite near to the edge.



Then I used my self made rope, some thicker brass wire and small piece of plastic to make a mount for the winch rope. Also thinner wire and the same rope were used to make a hook for the bucket.



The bucket is from Hirts arts mold #85 detailed with small wire as a handle. All this was glued together and we got a winch for the well. Dr. Arkadius checked out the progress as usual.




Door to the crypt

Again this is one more add-on to the hexboard. The idea is that the citizens keep the dead in the crypt before giving them to the sea so they need a door to the crypt obviously.

First I decided the shape of the door and cut it from foamcore. Then I cut and glued thin plastic strips to the door to make some metal supports (who knows what tries to come through the door from the sewers so it should be strong).



I made the hinges from two different sized plastic tube. The thicker one was glued at the ends of the thinner one (obviously these hinges don’t work).


Then I added some rivets made from thin plastictube and a sing to the upper part of the door. Also the handle was made from metal ring (bought from a hobbystore) which was glued to a small plastic square. Dr. Arkadius walked by to check the scale.


After some thought I couldn’t figure out what somebody would write to a sign in a door leading to a crypt so that was a bad plan. Then I planned to add some kind of rune to it but that also didn’t feel right. I scoured my bits box in desperation and found some really good looking decoration pieces bought from a hobby shop ( I think that these were some kind of jewellery items). I added one to the door and decided to use these also on to the pathway leading to the door ( I will show this later). These kind of things really add realism and coherence to a terrain piece.


I glued the door in place but the space around it looked kind of empty. I used some plastic cake ornaments, Hirts Arts mold flames (mold #85) and thin plastic tube to create two torches to give some light to the entry. It will be fun to paint the torches and the surrounding area!


After the glue was dried I realized that the torches are quite big and close to the door so anyone who tries to pass could get severe some burn marks! Well not going to do anything about it.

Have you noticed that usually after the glue has dried you get these wonderful ideas how the subject at hand COULD have been better? Funny.

Comments are always welcome, now go and build something!



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