Drifter’s Desktop – Issue 4

I’m going to start by standing by my first comment – if someone has a particularly good logo in mind please go ahead! 😛

WIP shot - DD4So to recap, this is where we were for the last issue.  I had a table full of Work In Progress models that I have been trying desperately to clear in order to make room for some other stuff.

Well, I’m pleased to say that it largely worked!




Morvahana2 is the first of the models that I cleared and I must say I am pretty happy with her.  I have finally gotten myself to a point where I am happy to work with the greens.  I have found a fairly good way to work with greens is to shade with a direct blue and to highlight with a direct yellow.  This seems to provide a decent amount of depth to the colour.  The cloak on her has been actually been worked using some of the Minitaire green range and I must say i’m not particularly impressed.  As an airbrush colour they’re great to use straight from the bottle, but they really do lack a lot of depth.  They’re also very hard to work with a brush as they have a remarkable tendency to flow.




Terminus also came up really quite well.  I’m not much of a conversion kinda guy, so it was a pretty big deal for me to do the work on here that I did.  I know, by the way, that makes me kind of a sook (Australian slang for a coward/whinger/crybaby).  So again, though, I was quite happy.  The wings are all airbrush work, with the rest of the model being brush work.  After twelve months I am finally starting to feel like I’m getting a handle on how to use my airbrush.  Its taken a lot of work.  I also used some new metal techniques from one of the Miniature Mentor videos.  In general, the videos there are very good, by the way.  As long as you can learn to block out the voice of the narrator.  He’s a tad annoying at times.  Terminus, by the way, scores a mighty 4 on Cool Mini or Not!



Now for  couple of work in progress shots.  Alexia2, here, is one of the Templecon prizes.  I will post this off shortly to the mighty Canuckistan where it will make its way to the prize pool.  I have tried to capture the darkness within Alexia, as well as a flash of the bright, girly nature inside (in the way I’ve done her sleeves).  I think I managed to successfully build a good amount of texture in to the horse itself.  On the whole, I’m very happy with her and I will be finishing her off soon.

Alexia2 WIP


Deserter Knight

The Deserter Knight is the last of my Kingdom Death relic knights to be painted.  I’ve discussed before how, with the personal models, I like to try and push things.  Generally I’ll pick one thing and push it about as far as I think it can go.  Often this results in it going further than it should.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it means I know how far I can go next time 😛

This time, I worked out how far I can go with OSL and I learned a bit more about how to use it properly.  By no means am I going to claim that this “worked,” but it did work OK.  I am happy enough to display this model and I will end up putting up the “studio” shots when I steal an appropriate camera! (And yes, I know this is out of focus a bit)

Deserter Knight WIP


On a final note, I am going to make a confession: I ordered some Forge World models.  Yes, I bowed in to the great big machine that is and I’m sorry.  I ordered some of the Primarch models and I’m so darn excited it hurts!  So, I’m giving you all time to get used to the fact that the hallowed pages of Hand Cannon will, for a couple of weeks at least, have Space Marines in it.



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