Removed From Play presents: The Stormhammer Brigade Raffle to benefit Child’s Play!

Removed From Play has been given the honor of Raffling off the Stormhammer Brigade to help raise money for Child’s Play. This army is one of the most incredible armies in Warmachine, and now it could be yours and all you have to do is support a great cause!


We have raised over $4,000 for Child’s Play! But we aren’t ready to call it just yet.
Stretch Goal $4,500: If we pass $4,500 by noon PST on Sunday the 18th…We will record a one shot episode of Removed From Play – Thunder Strike! With a custom intro featuring the winner of the Stormhammer Brigade! Additionally we will have the winner on as a host and Timothy Black aka Mercykiller providing background on the army, painting and moding tips. But wait… There is more…Veteran Khador Player Tom Hoffman (He has been playing Khador for nearly ten years) will join us for personal advice on building lists and tips for playing the army! One more thing… Susan will sing Thunderstruck by AC/DC!

This sounds like a Blast! Guess what? There. Is. More.

Stretch Goal $5,000: If we pass the 5k mark by sunday at noon PST… RFP will donate Butcher3 and the limited release Khador Terrain piece from the Collector’s set to the winner. Yep, you are right. Tim will run Butcher3 and the Terrain piece through the Stormhammerification machine that is his mind. Still more…The winner will get to customize Butcher3 with his preferences. Mohawk? How many tesla coils? Should Lola be double bladed? Tim will bring your vision of Stormhammer Butcher to LIFE!

And all you have to do is donate to Child’s Play through and add RFP as the team you are supporting! Forward the reciept to and I will enter you in the raffle!

~Omnus drops the mic and walks away~


Before we get into the instructions, here is how this came about.

Timothy Black (aka Mercykiller), the man responsible for designing and creating the Stormhammer Brigade, has started a new project and wants to do something with his beautiful army besides just let it sit on a shelf. He listened to the recent RFP: Crowd Control episodes and was inspired to do something awesome. Tim asked us to raffle of this amazing army to get it into the hands of someone that will enjoy it and donate all the money raised to the Child’s Play charity through the Gauntlet fundraising tournament on May 18th. If you don’t know, Child’s Play is a charity begun by Penny Arcade that donates games and entertainment to children stuck in hospitals and shelters around the world (more information can be found at their website here). It is an amazingly worthwhile cause, and you can support it directly while also having a chance to win.

How does this work?

Send an e-mail to if you are interested in donating for further instructions. The army and all of the additional prizes will be raffled off during The Gauntlet at Card Kingdom on May 18th. You do not have to be present to win. Online donations will be accepted until noon on May 18th, 2014. 100% of all donations for this raffle will go to Child’s Play, we just need to have the entries go through us first to collect the names and contact info for entry into the raffle. Again, if you want to enter the raffle, e-mail us at

What exactly is being raffled away?


Irusk1 (classic)
Butcher1 (classic)

Behemoth (classic metal)
Beast 09
Spriggan (classic metal)
Destroyer (magnetized)
Devastator (classic metal)

Full Winterguard w/ UA and 3 WA
Full Assassinas w/ UA
3 squads of Doom Reavers, all with UAs
Full squad MOW Shocktroopers (classic metal)
Full squad MOW Demolition Corp (classic metal)
Full squad MOW Bombadiers (metal, converted from classic MOWs)
Winterguard Mortar Crew
Aiyana and Holt

War Dog
Kovnick Joe
Orin Midwinter
Drakhun (mounted only)
Sylys Wyshnyler
Gorman Di Wulfe

Battle Engine:
AT-ST Gun Carriage

The Retail value of this army is $1170.29. Now think about all of the custom work and detailed painting that went into these models. Here is the thread where he posted his progress: Stormhammer Brigade. It is truly one of a kind, a massive playable and collectible army, and it may soon be yours!

Pics or it didn’t happen!



In addition to the Army… Removed From Play is also going to hook runners up with a few more things! Each of the items listed below will be raffled off individually after the main prize has been selected. Entrants can win multiple prizes, so there is no reason not to donate again and again at to support this wonderful cause. The extra raffle prizes are:

Lieutenant Allison Jakes (Unassembled Kickstarter Exclusive Model)
Gastone Crosse (Unassembled Kickstarter Exclusive Model)
Kovnik Andrei Malakov (Unassembled Kickstarter Exclusive Model)
Aiakos, Scourge of the Meredius (Unassembled Kickstarter Exclusive Model)
Initiate Tristan Durant (Unassembled Kickstarter Exclusive Model)
Guest Host spot on Removed From Play
Guest Host spot on RFP: Into The Arena
Guest Host spot on RFP: Crowd Control

Remember that online donations will end at noon Pst on May 18th. The raffle will be live at Card Kingdom during The Gauntlet. This army is truly one of a kind. It is one of the most incredible custom projects to ever be done on army of this size and Tim wants you to have it.

Crowd Control is general gaming podcast by the Removed From Play Team. This podcast was restarted to help raise awareness for The Gauntlet, which is the charity event being held at Card Kingdom to raise money for Child’s Play. RFP is participating in that event. You can check out the event at The Gauntlet and for more information on the charity check out Child’s Play.

Please contact and donate if you are able, not just to win the grand prize, but to support such a wonderful charity that is doing so much good for children. Now let’s have some fun and raise some money for Child’s Play! ~Omnus


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