Episode 5 of Crowd Control – An Explicit Gaming Podcast by Removed From Play

This is a general nerd-discussion podcast hosted by Charles Arrasmith, Sam Ross and Andy Podell. This episode, we are joined by Chadi Faraj, the winner of the ‘Host a Crowd Control’ drawing from the Gauntlet Competition. Join us as we discuss the results of the much prepared for first inaugural Gauntlet Charity Tournament for Childs Play, as well as general geek topics ranging from Tom Cruise to Warcraft to buttered biscuits and everything in between.

Crowd Control is a rebooted project that talks about all aspects of nerdness and dorking but concentrates on gaming of all kinds. In this episode we continue rambling about a variety of games and gaming subjects for the purpose of raising awareness and funds for the Child’s Play Charity. Removed From Play has a team participating the “The Gauntlet” which is a charity event organized by Card Kingdom to raise money for Child’s Play. Charles, Sam and Podell are members of the team RFP that will be in this event.


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