Episode 1 of Removed From Play: Decked Out – An Explicit High Command Podcast

This is the first episode of RFP’s High Command Podcast…Decked Out. Our first episode aims to introduce the hosts and explain why we enjoy High Command so much. We also talked briefly on the differences between some of the factions and which we prefer to play.

The goal of Decked Out is to support the growing High Command community while providing entertaining and positive approach to looking at the deeper strategies within the game.


The Hosts

For this task I have chosen two fine gentlemen to join me on this project. Joel has joined the team of Deck Out to bring his snowflakes and determination to any underdog deck idea he gets inspired by. I have also decided that I do not spend enough time podcasting and I need an outlet for all the High Command intrigue that I want to share with the community. But we also needed a third host. I felt it was time to bring in some new blood that will help us provide a unique and interesting presence on the cast. For this important role we are proud to introduce Ted Buchanan. Ted brings experience from a wide array of games to his High Command passion but mostly he just has an unhealthy obsession with Trollbloods that he can’t help but unleash on the listeners.



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