Retribution of Sasha: an IKRPG Myrmidon


Hello again! I took a bit of a break after Lock & Load, but I’m back on the wagon now. Onward!

Well, sort of.

First thing’s first: I’m dropping the “Blood and Paint” moniker of my articles. It just makes it a huge pain for search engines, and the titles become a bit unwieldy. From now on, you’ll see things like “Crimson Harvest: Skorne Mammoth,” “Sunhammer: Convergence Syntherion,” and “Nekkid Dancing Mercy: Oh God Why, Why?”

I’ve been getting a little burnt out on my Crimson Harvest, mainly because I’ve been trucking to get 50 points converted ASAP (to give you a comparison, it took me over five years to get a completed 50 point list for the Stormhammer …). Convergence has been tempting me, and with our own Susan aka Sam using his superlative skills on the Skorne, the bot-boys are calling even more. Currently, I have two versions of Morna Helstrom, the Blood Raven (aka Makedas 1 and 2), a Bloodgeist (aka Feralgeist), a God’s Eye (aka Soulward), and a full unit of Hellshields (aka Cetrati) sitting on my desk, half-painted. But I will persevere and give you the full 50, no matter what!

But not this week 🙂

This week I decided to finish a model that has been sitting on my shelf for a year now, a model from a beloved IKRPG game that my friend Aaron ran back in Sacramento: Sasha, the Retribution character jack! As a bonus, she gave me the chance to try my hand at a different way of painting white, and in the end I decided to apply the techniques to my Convergence. I airbrushed white from a black primer, protected it with Satin varnish, then corrected with light grey and very muted white washes.

“Noob, ‘Sasha’ is not an Iosan name!” I hear someone screaming. Maybe that’s me, hard to tell sometimes. To put it simply, she was ‘owned’ by a man who had been raised by the Retribution since birth to act as an inside agent in the Khadoran government: Viktor Rachevich. Very much a Manchurian candidate kind of thing, the erstwhile Viktor was never very smart, but he was incredibly loyal to Ios. After murdering every other warcaster in the Iron Kingdoms, his plan was to turn his sword on himself, all in the name of the alien gods he’d been taught to worship. Sasha was an experimental Retribution dual-cortex system that he rescued and bonded with.  Sasha was inspired by my desire to make a Retribution Behemoth; Viktor’s attitude and accent were both inspired by the video of the Heavy Weapons Guy from Team Fortress 2:

Their relationship can be summed up with: “Who touched Sasha?! Who touched my myrmidon?!” Yes, he shield-guarded shots away from her …

All right, enough with the backstory, on with the pics!


Sasha, Beloved of the Retribution



“Sasha is a rarity among myrmidons, in that her dual-cortex has given her a force of personality and will equal to or greater than most flesh-and-blood Iosans. Her independence was further cemented by the coddling she received from the warcaster Viktor Rachevic. He treats her as a favored daughter, which has accidentally resulted in a ‘spoiled princess’ of a warjack. Too hot-headed and willful to be bonded to anyone else, there are those that wonder if she only tolerates Viktor’s interference and orders due to the bond itself, and if one day she might turn on her adoring master. Armament-wise, Viktor has had the myrmidon outfitted with dual armor-piercing fists, and her secondary cortex allows her to coordinate firepower from a rack of Godbreaker-class alchemical rockets on her back even while engaged in melee. If the rebellious myrmidon ever turns on her master, it will be a short fight, as Viktor has taken great pains to outfit Sasha as the perfect warcaster killing machine.”


Here’s a pic of her with her doting father-figure, Viktor:

And here they are with the gobber that keeps her rocket rack supplied, a Sniper and Warlock of Cyriss  named Ghillie (yes, I know how weird that sounds, but she was a follower of Cyriss whose rifle became her bonded ‘warbeast’ after a run-in with … you know what, just enjoy the picture lol)

One day I’ll have to finish painting the last member of the adventuring party, a gun mage named Vranna. Sadly, the quartet’s adventures came to an end when we moved north, and we haven’t been able to score any IKRPG games since then. But they still sit on the shelf, staring out at the world, biding their time …

All right folks, thanks for reading through this trip down memory lane! Next week we’ll return to the Crimson Harvest, and after that you’ll get to see me model and paint the Butcher3 that I owe to the winner of the Stormhammer army, Jason Collis 😀





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