The Crimson Harvest: Orgoth Hellshields (aka Cataphract Cetrati)

Hello, my fine skinned friends, and welcome back to the Crimson Harvest section! After the long break and a quick visit to the lands of IKRPG, we’re back to the blood red and black iron of my terrible crimes against Skorne.


I haven’t been lazy when it comes to the Harvest, and I’ve got three weeks of updates for you. To reward folks for waiting, we’re going big this week, with a full unit of Hellshields (Cetrati)!

Cetrati WIP 1  Cetrati WIP 2

Cetrati WIP 3  Cetrati WIP 4

Two things are immediately obvious: (1) The shields are MIA and (2) My photo quality is still terrible. #2 is addressed now (you’ll see the results below), but sadly all the WIP are still the old style. I used Instant Mold pressings of the Doom Reaver helmets (to reinforce the Orgoth theme) and shaved down one arm and the chest/back, resculpting them as muscle to allow for the skinned look (as well as reposing most of the spears to be held at the side to get them easier into base to base for shield wall). I kept one side armored so that it made sense that they still have the stats they do. Halfway through the painting process I realized I didn’t like the pointy shoulder pad nor the giant spike, so off they came. You’ll see the results in a moment. As for the shields, look down about an inch …

Cetrati WIP 5  Cetrati WIP 6


Yeargh! I never want to hear another person say there’s no screaming faces in my Orgoth army …

I never liked the smaller shields on the Cetrati, and when my friend Aaron offered to sell me a couple of boxes of them dirt-cheap to supplement my half-stripped unit (blasted PP plastic refuses to strip even primer off it properly … can’t wait until they switch material types) I saw my chance to make something unique. I’d already noted that the gem at the center of the shield would make an interesting eye, so I decided to solve several problems at once by using three shields to make a screaming Oni demon face. It fits both the Skorne and the Asian aesthetic, and gives the unit a strong visual center with a big ol’ shield that feels far meatier. The teeth were a massive pain, but it was worth it. So, how did it all come together?


Orgoth Hellshields 

(aka Cataphract Cetrati)


 The armies of the Orgoth were infamous for the crazed berserkers that led the charge, but there also existed an elite cadre of doomed warriors whose fate was to serve as a mobile wall behind which the army commanders could advance in safety. Hundreds of bloody battles imbued the warriors’ shields with a taste for flesh and blood, warping the black iron faces into a demonic aegis that animated and tore at the enemy as their bearers pressed forward. The blood god has ordered his servants to unearth the few remaining Hellshields, granting them new victims to carry the insatiable artifacts into battle. Blood swirls in their blank eyes as the teeth snap at the air, hungry for the sacrifices that are due. The Hellshields have not been fed for six centuries, and they hunger like never before.


Cetrati Cetrati Cetrati Cetrati

Cetrati Cetrati Cetrati Cetrati
Cetrati Cetrati Cetrati Cetrati
(click for larger images)


And for this week, we have another lovely group shot of the skinned family … now with better picture-taking technique!


Group Shot July

Of course, there would be some kind of light artifact crud in the background. It just wouldn’t be a post from me if something didn’t fuss up! Ah well, at least you get a good shot of how the group looks, close to true color and without weird glares or too-bright pics of them.

Next week: the Bloodgeist and the God’s Eye join the ranks of the Orgoth. See you then!






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