Herne and Jonne, Mercenary Firefighters

Another post from MK in the same week?! No way, Ted! Yes way, Bill!

Okay, dating myself a little there …

Back on topic! This Saturday (August 16, 2014) Dark Tower Games in Bellingham, Washington, is holding a tournament and raffle, “No Fuego Loco!”, with proceeds donated to helping folks affected by the fires that have been blazing across Washington state.

They sent out a call for folks to donate things for the raffle, and I stirred from my skinned-den to toss my hat in the ring. I wracked my brain to think of a mini to paint or convert in theme for the event, and finally settled on “Iron Kingdoms Firefighter.” But which miniature to use? Originally I thought to mod an Assault Kommando to be carrying extinguisher equipment (after all, they’re ‘immune’ to fire), but alas my old-man memory played a trick on me and I couldn’t find it (honestly, I probably imagined owning it …). But then my eyes happened upon . . . Herne and Jonne!  I realized that they were already most of the way there, and Herne had him a fireman’s hat if I ever saw one. As a bonus, they were a merc unit that would be both tournament legal and able to work for a wider variety of armies. So I set down to convert them, finding to my delight that Herne needed no mods to fit the theme.  I was, of course, wrong, in that firemen don’t wear T-shirt sleeves . . .

“Astute onlookers might notice my bare elbows. MK didn’t. He regretted it.”

With Herne done (ha) it was time to turn to Jonne. I intended him to be the major push when it came to the conversion, but I was under a time crunch. So I reasoned a barrel to hold his alcehmical cocktail would do the job. Maybe with a hose. Okay, let’s add some more machinery. You know, there needs to be a way to change out the drum of firefighting fluid. Hey, I could have splorge from it dripping out the gun thing . . .

Okay, maybe I went a bit nuts. The initial idea took hold with too many “wouldn’t this be cool” ideas on its heels, and suddenly what started as a minor conversion went full Mercykiller 🙂

Painting-wise, I wanted to reinforce the idea that these guys were firefighters, called up to put out blazes with their weird alchemical mixtures. I looked up actual fireman gear and schemes, cursed as I sculpted to cover Herne’s bare elbows, and generally tried to make them look sooty and ready to rock. So how did they turn out?

Boom, baby! Or maybe the ‘hsssh’ sound of fire being put out. Here’s some individual shots:



Getting the right color of orange was a challenge, but I think I managed it.  I used the Khador Red Highlight with a red wash to get the shade. Cloth was thrall flesh, edging was Cygnus Yellow, and Thornwood Green was the darker parts of the ‘armor’. Washed it all with Strong Tone from Vallejo, painted the gloop whitish and then layered X-4 Tamiya Blue over it (a translucent glossy blue, similar to the beloved X-27 Red I use for my fleshy Crimson Harvest), and voila! Basing was sand that was Strong Toned down, some darker flock, dried grass static grass, and then black drybrush in parts to represent scorched ground. I think it ended up looking pretty good.

Some lucky guy or gal is going to win this merc unit from the raffle at Dark Tower Games. If you’re in the area, stop by for the tourney and raffle, and help support those folks suffering from the ravages of fire by trying to win your own Iron Kingdoms Firefighters!

Until next week, where I finally start on Butcher3 (I think; I hope; I … promise?)







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