Stormhammer: The Legendary Butcher – Part 1 (Converting the Terrain)

A day (week) late and a dollar short, but I’m back!

To refresh folks’ memories, waaaay back in May we raffled the Stormhammer Brigade to raise money for Child’s Play, the Penny Arcade charity. The big stretch goal at $5000 was for Omnus to donate his limited-edition Butcher3 to the lot, and for me to modify the Butcher, his dogs, and the limited-edition terrain piece to the winner’s specifications. You guys rocked the kazbah and blew past the goal, and we ended up raising $5,249 for the kids! So yeah, I should probably get to working on this thing now that I’ve got my Skorne playable 🙂

By the way, feel free to thank Omnus aka Charles in person at PAX Prime this weekend, as he’s demoing PP stuff and likely playing a hell of a lot of High Command (the man’s addicted, I tell you!).

Jason Collis was the lucky winner, and he requested that the terrain piece be like modeled a laboratory. To keep it in the same basing scheme as the rest of the army, we came up with this idea of a Stormhammer node in Sul that is being defended by the super-epic Butcher.


“Witness the power of my work area! Are you not impressed? … you’re not, are you? /sigh”

Here’s the base materials I began with. In addition to the base itself, it comes with a giant metal flag with a a raised Khador symbol. Normally I’d ignore the flag and raise more lightning coils, but this terrain was very limited-edition, and I wanted to use all the parts I could for it. Obviously the Khador symbol would have to go, as would the one on the fort piece itself, but with grinding and greenstuff it could be (and was) done. Originally I was thinking of raising a giant storm coil off the roof, but I realized this piece still needs to be able to display Butcher3 and his two Arguses (Arguisii? Argeese?). I dry-fit the springs that I was going to use as the coils to different spots, and came up with a plan. Speaking of storm-coils …

“Officer, I swear I’m only addicted to minis.”

My friend Aaron had sent me a pack of medical syringes (yeah, baby, we’re close like that) when I mentioned months ago I was looking for more coil materials, and damned if they didn’t work like a charm! I’m not exactly sure what these are from, but they’re available I’m guessing for diabetics and such. The point being: they are awesome for lightning coils! A single syringe and two springs can be used to make two sizes of coil. Going from left to right: the original syringe and cap, the big spring, a smaller spring along with a finished small coil, the pulled-out plunger that I cut down for the smaller coil (I cut right below the top piece and pinned it at the small-spring’s height), the plastic case of the syringe, and a large lightning coil made from gluing the spring down around the syringe case before running a pinning wire through it and using the cap and plastic tip to form a stopper point for the pinning wire, and finally the plastic collar thingy from Home Depot’s pipe section that I drilled out pin holes for as the generator (totally a handy-person, you can tell right?). Whew, lots of words. The big coil looks disturbing, like I’m injecting the hobby into my veins; truth be told, that’s probably more accurate than I want to admit 😛

My plan is to festoon the terrain piece in storm coils, run some power cabling back from a tri-coil generator, and to make kind of a disco-Stu area for Butcher3 to look awesome in. So how did I do?

This is the “standing shot” with the medium bases filling in where Butcher3 and the Arguses will be standing. The flag isn’t glued in, mainly because this entire piece and the accompanying models will have to be shipped to England when I’m done; the flag is more likely to survive by being glued in when it gets there! The original idea of four short coils around the roof spot where Butcher stands didn’t work out, mainly because I had the foresight to dry-fit Butcher into it. While his medium base fit without the miniature, when he was added with his flowing coat it quickly became apparent that the idea was DOA. I still wanted the coils, so I decided on only putting in one side. I’m still making it a bit of a pain in the buttocks for myself by putting them in the back instead of front, but I felt it looked a lot better. While the official pictures of the terrain piece have the flag flying inwards, the outward makes more sense with the modifications I’ve done to the base. Below are more shots, this time without the bases so you can see exactly what’s going on:


I’ve attempted to keep the entirety of what makes this an awesome terrain piece while still giving it the old Stormhammer flare. I’m feeling pretty good about it right now, but I’ll leave it unprimed until after I finish Butcher3 and his dogs, so I can make sure they’ll fit properly. Hopefully Jason likes what I’ve done, and if I’m really lucky Omnus won’t berate me for ruining the limited-edition terrain he donated 😀

Next time I’ll likely show you my sniper-Lylyth donation to Boost for a Cure, the Dark Omen charity tournament that’s coming up in September. After that, we’ll return to the Butcher and his doggies, and get this puppy done.

Until next time!





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