Decked Out Articles: Woldwrath Wins! – A Circle of Orboros Prime Deck

Seattle’s community of High Command players has been steadily growing. Our players have been getting better very quickly and they have been coming up with some very interesting decks. I was at my first 1v1 Kingmaker at Card Kingdom last month. The event was great and it was a fun 4 rounds of High Command. I figured it was good time to write something up about my deck and how I play it.

I decided to go with Circle of Orboros for this event. I have been enjoying Legion and Trolls but no one else was planning to play circle so I thought it would be good to have as many factions represented as possible. I played against Skorne, Menoth, Legion and Trollbloods over the course of the event. I went 4/0 but this event was more about letting everyone test the waters with the factions everyone has been learning. Pretty casual overall and it was a ton of fun.

Cassius The Oathkeeper and Wurmwood {Red}
~Path of Stone x3
~Woldwrath x3
~Megalith x3
~Druid Stoneward and Woldstalkers x3

Krueger The Stromwrath {Blue}
~Omnipotent’s Council x1
~Debt to Circle x1
~Feral Warpwolf x2
~Ghetorix x3
~Tharn Ravager Tribesman x3
~Ravager Shaman Council x2

Krueger the Stormlord {Purple}
~Omnipotent’s Council x1
~Debt to Circle x1
~Untamed Wilds x1
~Ley Line Intersection x2
~Woldwrath x2
~Feral Warpwolf x2
~Druid Stoneward and Woldstalkers x1
~Ravager Shaman Council x2

Red Detachment: This was probably the easiest detachment to assemble. I definitely want to run all of the Woldwraths and Woldstalkers that I can. Woldstalkers may not seem great at first glance but they are 2 power, 4 health and rush for 5 while being worth a VP. This card plays a big role in helping the deck rush two cards per turn. It also is very commonly 3 power because there is another Warrior around. Megalith x3 felt like a very strong addition to the deck but not as great as I first expected. 3 is the most I would run in this version. Path of Stone can help accelerate the deck because it is a 3/3 resource for Rushing any Construct. A 2/0 plus Path of Stone rushes a Woldtsalker card. 3x 0/2 resource and Path of Stone will rush Megalith. I also very commonly Rush Woldrath with a Path of Stone, a 0/2 and a Leyline Intersection.

Blue Detachment: Feral Warwolf is still the best Warbeast in the game so two of those was easy. I went with all 3 Ghetorix because he can really help shut down the enemy response by taking the best card in their hand after they destroy him. But the most important part of blue is getting the perfect Warriors in the deck. The Ravager Shaman Council and Ravager Tribesman are amazing in this deck. They are cheap rush options that can be paired with which ever Beast you can afford that turn. The Tribesman cards are often 4 power because the location has an enemy Warrior and they are worth a VP. The Shaman Council may not seem amazing but 4 Command to Rush and they can force your opponent to discard with Electroleap.

Purple Detachment: This detachment packs in all the great resource cards especially the Leyline Intersections to help rush Woldraths. You also get two more Ferals, two more Woldwraths, one more woldstalker and two more Shaman Councils which I have already said are great.

Choosing the trio of Warlocks

My Warlocks have changed quite often as I kept playing this deck. Most of the time I ran Morvahna, Cassius and Mohsar. Which may be the strongest line up if you never have to face Trollbloods. But I have started modifying my deck to help deal with counters.

Cassius the Oathkeeper and Wurmwood: This is my favorite Warlock for circle. Cassius can really help keep the pressure at locations. The ability to reduce your Opponent’s power to zero for one attack can help shift the tides at the Gate of Sul or turn around a location that started with two of your opponent’s cards but their turn starts with two cards of yours at the location and both of their cards in the discard pile.

Krueger the Stormwrath: I started playing Krueger for the primary purpose of Rushing him to a location and his feat destroying an Elementalist Sorcerer. The best part is that if Mulg and the Sorcerers are at the same location you can still Rush Krueger to the other Location to kill the Sorcerer because it says at any location. Just watch out for an Earthborn or Walls of Sul raising the Sorcerer’s health to 4.

Krueger the Stormlord: I wasn’t sold on this Warlock at first but he has really started growing on me. Two Archangels at a location? Just put them back in your hand. Two incubi that Kallus deployed  at the Walls of Sul? Same. It is also another way to return a Sorcerer to your opponent’s hand so you can keep rushing cards. I just keep finding great uses for Epic Krueger.

How to Play this Deck

The primary goal of this deck is to buy resources on turn 1 and 2. Follow this priority list each turn.

1st priority: Any combination of resources that allows you to buy two resource cards.

2nd priority: Leyline Intersection and Omnipotent’s Council

3rd priority: Untamed Wilds, Debt to Circle or Path of Stone

4th priority: Ghetorix, Feral Warpwolf or Woldwrath

5th priority: Don’t buy other cards. Just discard to refresh as needed.

The 5th priority is really important. Don’t buy cards on turn 1 or 2 except the cards I mentioned. They are meant to be Rushed. Some games you will need to aggressively cycle cards (discard to refresh your reserves) to dig up resources cards. This can be a delicate process because you need to make sure you don’t send too many key cards to the bottom of your deck trying to get to the Resources. Try not to cycle more than 1 of any one card if you can. Megalith is honestly my first choice for Cycling but honestly the choice of which cards to cycle is often very hard to make. Maybe future Winds of War decks with force more plans for deployment but as it stands…plan to Rush.

I also want to talk about the 4th priority cards. The reason why I list these as cards worth purchasing is because both the Feral and Ghetorix are 2/2 Resource cards while the Woldwrath is an 0/3. These still improve the deck’s acceleration and consistency but buying them takes away potential Rush options away from you.

Turn 3 – Rush O’Clock

The goal on turn 3 is to Rush a warrior card and a Warbeast. A very common turn 3 for this deck is to Spend 7 War to Rush a Feral Warpwolf and 5 command to Rush Tharn Ravagers or Woldstalkers. But you should always look at what is the most expensive Warbeast you are capable of Rushing while still sending out a Warrior too. You want to be able to do this every turn if possible. Generally I find this deck can Rush 2 cards in the same turn in about 8-9 out of every 10 turns.

Cycling and Buying

It is very important to find the best times to buy additional resource cards and refresh excess Resources out of your reserves. It’s not always easy to find the right times to do this because you want to keep as much pressure as you can on the locations.

Buying: My preferred times to buy cards are often when my opponent rushed or deployed just enough to stop me from capturing but I still have a card left at the location. If I can Rush 1 card, buy a resource and still end my Battle Step with two cards at the location…That is a solid choice. But I also find it important to recognize when to let your opponent capture a location to give you a turn to buy resources and cycle. I generally ask myself a few questions…

Is this a turn where I get a discount on the purchase? (This situation isn’t really enough by itself but combined with another is a bonus)

I am about to reshuffle my deck? (If yes, I am more likely to let them capture so I can buy valuable resources before the shuffle)

Is the location 6 or less VP’s? (The less VP’s they get out of the situations the easy it is to make up for)

Am I only giving up pressure but not necessarily a capture? (If I just captured and my opponent is threatening a capture is a good time)

Would it move important cards to their occupied forces pile? (Mulg, Behemoth, Archangels etc Anything that my opponent wants to go back in the deck are my preferred choices to allow a capture from)

Do I have 2-3 resource cards currently in my reserves? (Two is a risk but three almost always means I need to seriously consider a buying turn)

Can I buy more than 1 resource card? (If I can buy a Leyline or Council and a Path of Stone, 3/1 or 1/3 that is a pretty sweet turn)

Any one of these situations is not enough. Two is often enough for me to strongly consider it but if three line up at the same time…I generally go for it.

Cycling Cards: It’s important to find turns where you end up with a spare card to bank and one to discard to cycle extra resources out of the way. If it’s late in the game you want to cycle the expensive resources and the ones that aren’t worth VP’s first. Sometimes it’s really nice to have a Debt or Untamed Wilds sitting there for you to purchase for another 1-2 vps at the end of the game. Sometimes cycling is more important than banking…like not having any Warrior Rush options, it is turn 5 and Plan of Attack is your Winds of War Card.

Sending Cards to the Occupied Forces

Before a Shuffle: I start by removing the 1/1 resources and when I get the 4th 1/1 I may leave it in if the deck doesn’t have any Woldstalkers or Shaman Council’s in the deck. Most of the time I do have 1-3 of those in the deck and proceed to remove all of the 1/1’s. After that I start removing 2/0 (com/war) resources. If I only have 1-2 2/0’s left, I will often remove an 0/2 next.

Menite Temple: It is a much more interesting choice if my cards are destroyed and have the option to move my cards to the occupied forces. Megalith and Woldtsalkers are always removed. I never move Woldwrath to my occupied forces if I can help it because he is an 0/3 resource. I don’t mind having 2-3 Ferals and Ghetorix’s in the deck but after that I will remove those too. I like having one Shaman Council in the deck to help make sure I can play two cards each turn even if I run out of warrior in the reserve. I am also more likely voluntarily move Warriors to my discard if I had to cycle multiple to the bottom of my deck early in the game and I have concerned about running out of them.

Potential Changes

Warlocks: I think I am going to drop Krueger2 after the recent rules clarification that he can only be rushed to a location with a friendly Warrrior or Warbeast. This drastically lowers his usefullness and will probably be replaced by Morvahna or Mohsar. But Kromac is in consideration too.

Untamed Wilds: I want to put the Blue Untamed Wilds into the deck but the only real option is to drop the 3rd Ghetorix but I think it is worth it. I really don’t like starting the game without buying a couple Resource cards.


I think this is a really strong deck and I currently test any new idea vs this one to see if it has any merit. I really hope this breakdown is useful for you guys! I tried to include as many of the things going through my head when I play the deck as I can.


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