Crimson Harvest – Mammoth Down! Apothecary Requested!

Hello all!

So my trip down to the Intermountain Cup was fraught with adventure and peril (and we coasted down a mountain on the way back on an empty gas tank to a service station fifteen miles away 😀 ). Joel and Dr. Jake were awesome roadmates, and they made the 13 hour drive fun as hell (I was just a passenger in the back whining about leg room the whole time 😛 ). And apparently I snore bad enough that I make a six foot six man sleep on a tiny couch rather than deal with the cacophony from my ugly face 🙁  But the most perilous part …

One of the Mammoth’s blood tanks was breached.

“The horror … the horror!”

As you can see in the pic, the paint glooped down from the breach between the vial and the cap. I’d tightened them down as much as I could, and superglued them, but it simply wasn’t enough. A jolt somewhere must’ve broke the seal. It doesn’t help that I didn’t put enough magnets into his base, so when I opened my case I found him tipped on his side. I’m just lucky that (1) the tanks didn’t actually break and (2) that the paint I had inside is super-tacky. Unfortunately, that same tackiness worked against me. While I was able to finish the IMC with an emergency patch in place (Scotch Tape FTW), it also meant I would have to physically scrape the paint free, rather than simply painting over it. Not to mention I had to dig out the actual basing epoxy as the paint had permanently mixed with it. Originally the leak wasn’t this bad, and a couple of folks suggested leaving it as battle damage, but the paint simply kept flowing.

I have to admit, the breach in the tanks made me reconsider the Skorne in general. My eye had been wandering for a while to Cygnar with a werewolf and horror-monster theme (based around a Cephalyx fluff perspective, which would be an excellent antithesis of my Stormhammer story and army). But I’d just received an incredibly generous offer from Adam on a secret project that will be debuting soon (hint: it’s a massive thing for next year’s Gauntlet charity raffle!), and I’ve been insanely busy readying the launch of my first novel, Gearteeth, as well as working on the second book in the series, Judgment of Blood. So on the way back from IMC Joel and Dr. Jake managed to talk me down from the ledge of army-jumping. We need a Skorne player to get good in our local meta to both challenge our excellent players and to add another tool to our teams, and while Sam is an incredible tactician, he’s not a primary Skorne player, and we have plenty of Cygnar folks. Joel, Dr. Jake, and Adam: the men to blame for the continuation of the Crimson Harvest!

Time to roll up the skin-sleeves and get to work.

Here you can see that I’ve broken the errant blood tank free (without actually shattering the glass; huzzah!). I’ve got another filled tank with its cap drilled and ready, and I’ve dug the paint out of his crevasses (yes, every bit as bad as it sounds lol). I have to resculpt parts of him to even it out, but fortunately mostly the parts were on the black armor and will remain mostly in shadow. But what to do about future potential breaches? I don’t want to go through this ever again, for any reason. So I need to seal the tanks more completely than before. Then I remembered something: I’d always planned one last bit of sculpting on the Mammoth, but had been too brain-drained at the end of the process to do it. I’d always been bothered that the vials basically had no conversion to them, and I needed to greenstuff them anyway, so …

“Spooky, no?”

Orgoth screaming faces! Basing my sculpting on the Doom Reaver swords, I sculpted the faces on the greenstuff “gap-fillers” I needed. The fluff reason is that the corrupted blood caused the metal to twist to reflect the echoes of the torment of the victims that have come before.  At this point I also realized I’ve never really gotten good photographs of the Mammoth before, so after painting and reattaching and fixing the basing, I spent basically a week experimenting with photos. What was the result?


Not bad, if I do say so myself (and I just did) 🙂  In the future I think I need to turn off the overhead lights, to keep the yellow down to a minimum from above, but overall I’m much more pleased about how he shows up in these pictures. And the tormented metal screaming faces thing did pretty well, and effectively stoppered up the blood tanks forever. Short of the blood tanks actually breaking, I think the Orgoth Siegebreaker is as stable as he ever has been. And yes, I added three more beefy magnets to his base to make sure he doesn’t topple over again!

Next week: Butcher3! I’m really REALLY behind on this guy, and I need to clear him from my table and my conscience. I’ve got lots of projects coming up, and I really want to convert some more Crimson Harvest so that I have three stable Masters-level lists that I’m comfortable with saying are competitive. Right now I’ve got Watt’s excellent Makeda1/Mammoth list, and I keep trying to plug in random substitutes for two and three list formats. It’s … not good. I love the Mak1 list, but I always feel like the other lists are playing with one hand tied behind my back, which isn’t fair to either my opponents or myself.

See you next week!





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