Decked Out Articles: Trolls say No! – A Trollbloods Prime Deck

It is time to talk Trollbloods! This is my second High Command article and I thought my “Trolls say NO!” deck would be the best fit. This has been the closest I have found to a counter to “Woldrath Wins”. This is also extremely fun to play because it is the best example of a Combo/Control deck in High Command.

Let’s start with the deck list…

Calandra Truthsayer, Kriel Oracle {Purple}
~Assemble The Chieftains x1
~Mulg The Ancient x2
~Earthborn Dire Troll x3
~Storm Troll x1
~Elementalist Sorcerers x3
~Runebearer Elders x2

Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia {Red}
~Assemble The Chieftains x1
~For Kith and Kriel x1
~Bonds of Blood x1
~Mulg The Ancient x2
~Dire Troll Mauler x2
~Storm Troll x2
~Champions of the Kriel x2
~Kriels War Banner x1

Grissel Bloodsong, Fell Caller {Orange}
~Shamanic Ritual x2
~For Kith and Kriel x1
~Bonds of Blood x1
~Dire Troll Mauler x2
~Elementalist Sorcerers x2
~Sons of Bragg x3
~Kriels War Banner x1

Purple Detachment: Purple is the core of this deck. Mulg stop warcasters and and warlocks from being rushed to his location. Elementalist Sorcerers stop Warrriors, Warbeasts, and Warjacks from being rushed to his location. These two cards at the same location is generally a capture. Worst case they are forced to deploy cards and not gain any VP’s that turn while you get to follow up with Rushing more cards, gaining more VP’s and putting them back into the same situation. Additionally you Earthborn Dire Trolls which are extremely powerful and provide additional health to the Sorcerers. Storm Troll is an added bonus that sometimes let you cause your opponent to discard precious resources to hinder their ability to deal with the already strong denial elements of this deck.

Red Detachment: More Mulgs! But beyond that you get a great suite of Resource cards. You also get to bring Maulers and Champions as a sub-resources (a card that isn’t a resource but has above average Resource values when discarded so it makes a good substitute) You also get a couple Storm Trolls for more discard tricks.

Orange Detachment: Orange brings more resources, more maulers, and more sorcerers. But the most important thing is that Orange brings 3 Sons of Bragg. These cards lets you Rush Mulg for 7, Sorcerers for 4, Storm trolls for 4, Maulers for 6, Doomy2 for 1 and your other warlocks for free. Sons of Bragg are awesome and create some really impressive rushing shenanigans.

Choosing the trio of Warlocks

Calandra Truthsayer, Kriel Oracle: She is my favorite Warlock in Trolls. Two power and she lets you draw two cards. Solid choice and she goes with Purple which is an amazing color for Trollbloods. I doubt I would make a troll deck without her. If you can Rush her early she can often cause you to shuffle your deck a turn early and help with deck thinning too.

Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia: This spot in the deck used to be held by Borka. I thought he was one of the best Warlocks in Trollbloods but as I played the deck more and more…I realized he just wasn’t do anything that significant for me. At that point I decided to switch him out for Doomy2. This choice was a dramatic improvement for the deck. Doomy2 causes you to skip the attack so your opponent doesn’t get to destroy any of your cards and you get to destroy one card of your opponent’s for each Warbeast and Warlock of yours at the location. This allows you to clear a location and make sure your opponent can’t destroy an Elementalist Sorcerer at the end of your turn so they can still Rush during their orders step. It’s like being able to press reset and start the location over in a way more beneficial for you.

Grissel Bloodsong, Fell Caller: The 3rd warlock was up in the air for this deck for quite awhile. I was trying Madrak1 but I would rarely see the situations that make him great. Eventually I decided to try Grissel instead. I immediately started finding situations that made her shine. Being able to switch all the cards at a particular location over to a new location is an extremely powerful tool to have at your disposal. Sometimes I clear a location and move everything over to the Narrow Streets. In Castle of the Keys I rushed everything to a Location that has a discount for Rushing and then I moved all the card to a different location so if he wants to stop me from capturing he doesn’t get the rush discount too. Her feat creates lots of options.

How to Play this Deck

The primary goal of this deck is to buy resources on turn 1 and 2. Follow this priority list each turn.

1st Priority – Assemble the Chieftains (Getting these into the deck is really important because it provides flexibility for Command or War)

2nd Priority – Any combination of two Resource cards or sub-resources.

3rd Priority – Shamanic Ritual, For Kith and Kriel , or Bonds of Blood.

4th Priority – Dire Troll Mauler or Champions of the Kriel (These are the first choice for sub-resources because the buy for a reasonable price and are worth 2 VP’s each.)

5th Priority – Mulg, Elementalist Sorcerers or Sons of Bragg (Mulg can be a sub-resource in a pinch. Sorcerers and Sons of Bragg are fine as a deployment options)

6th Priority – Don’t buy other cards. Just discard to refresh as needed. 26/36 cards in this deck are reasonable purchases in turn 1 or 2.

The 6th priority shouldn’t come up that often. But if it does I would probably recommend refreshing the Runebearer Elders as a first choice and then Storm Troll as a second choice. I hate refreshing Earthborn Dire Trolls because they are such a powerful cards.

Sending Cards to the Occupied Forces

Before a Shuffle: I start by removing the 1/1 resources and then I tend to remove an even amount of both 2/0 resources and 0/2 resources. Generally I remove a couple of Command cards first and then a couple of the War resources.

Menite Temple: The Menite Temple allows you to move cards to your Occupied Forces pile instead of the discard pile. Maulers, Mulg, Sons of Bragg and Champions should almost NEVER be moved to the Occupied Forces if you can manage it. I always move Runebearers, Earthborns and Storm Trolls to the occupied forces when I can. Sorcerers and War Banners will take some consideration. You will have to think about how many are already in your Occupied Forces, how many have been refreshed to the bottom of your deck, do you already have Sons of Bragg or Banners already in your discard pile or Deck.


I told you this was a combo deck so I figure I should explain so of the combos. Your goal should be to set up these sort of card combinations whenever possible to create difficult situations for your opponent.

Sons of Bragg + Anything: Getting SoB’s to a location lets you Rush anything else there for cheap. This can often create impressive trios of cards going to a location when you could have otherwise just rushed 2 cards.

Kriels War Banner + Anything: The Banner is like a mini SoB’s but get there for really cheap. Rushing the War Banner, an Earthborn, and Sorcerers is basically the same as rushing just the Earthborn and Sorcerer but it gives you an additional card at the location while also allowing you to rush Grissel or Calandra for free.

Mulg + Elementalist Sorcerers: This is the primary combo of the deck. These two cards shut down all of the Rush options and generally means a capture. Just watch out for Sturgis, and Krueger1.

Earthborn + Elementialist Sorcerer: Not as great as it is with Mulg but getting the Earthborn to 7 Health and the Sorcerers to 4 health makes the location even more annoying to break.

Combo + Gates of Sul: With the Gates of Sul only allowing one card to be destroy you can create extremely difficult situations for your opponent because they have to choose between destroying your Sons of Bragg or your Elementalist Sorcerers. Either one can be a huge issue if you get to start your turn with it. Storm Troll is another card your opponent will hate choosing between because they don’t want to end up discarding.

Earthborn + Storm Troll: Not as powerful as it is with the Sorcerer but still getting the bonus health from Elemental Communion. I find this combo can often go with the Sons of Bragg because it makes both the Earthborn and Storm troll Rush for 10 War total.

Mulg + Narrow Streets + Bonds of Blood: Rush Mulg to a location and then deploy a Warrior to the Narrow Streets with the Bonds of Blood and move Mulg to the Narrow Streets. This stops your opponent from rushing anything to the Narrow Streets and generally means a capture.

Grissel + Narrow Streets + Mulg + Anything: Rush Mulg and another card to a location where they won’t be able to kill either of your cards with Grissel and then move them to Narrow Streets to generate another situation where your opponent can’t Rush. You will probably capture it.

Potential Changes

Runebearer Elders: These guys are a test. I am not 100% they are the best fit for the deck but I like getting additional cards. The deck is currently at 44 VP’s so having a few cards without VP’s isn’t much of an issue. This is going to take more games to know for sure.

5th Mulg: Taking out the 5th Mulg was one of the hardest choices I made when building this deck. It is probably the first card I would fit back in if I took anything else out.

5th Mauler: The Mauler is mostly good because he is a solid Resource buy and worth 2 VP’s while also being a powerful Rush option with Sons of Bragg. I would consider working this card in if I made any changes.

3rd War Banner: I am still testing to see whether I prefer 2 or 3 Banners in the deck. My initial games have left me feeling this is a very useful card. I just need to figure how many is right for the deck.

Bouncer: Shield Guard is a really powerful for this deck but the card isn’t not worth VP’s or good resources. I think variations of this deck could easily play 1 or 2 Bouncers but I don’t think I would go over that because they can be pointless when you see too many at once.


This is probably my favorite deck. It is so much fun to play. So many interesting combinations you can create at locations. It has lots of resource options to keep the deck accelerating. The only thing I disliked about this deck was consistency issue. Previous version of the deck would work amazing one game and then get crushed the next. This mix of cards has resolved the consistency issues as much as possible without Blight Gift : )


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