Episode 21 of Removed From Play: Season 2 – A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast

Season 2 – Episode 21

In episode 21 we are joined by James Moorhouse. We primaily discuss international competition and the future of media for Warmachine. James was a great guest and pleasure to have on the podcast!

What is “Removed From Play” ?

Have you ever left a game store as it closes and ended up talking with your gaming buddies for another hour? That is Removed From Play. This podcast is Hosted by Charles Arrasmith (Omnus) and Emanuel Class (Bloodrath). We bring on Guest Hosts for a majority of the episodes to add flavor and get insight from other players and contributors to the Warmachine and Hordes community. We break each podcast into sections. We try to provide interesting and entertaining Warmachine and Hordes discussion without telling you that you have to play our way. The goal from the very beginning has been that we want our podcast to feel like a discussion about the game with your friends. We are positive, explicit, passionate and sometimes drunk. When you can’t be playing the game, I hope you can enjoy being Removed From Play. When you aren’t listening to us, you can check out Removed From Play on Facebook! Emanuel and I try to stay very active talking with our listeners. We also post tons of pics from our painting projects. If you want to follow us on Twitter @omnusRFP and @RFPBloodrath

The Hosts

omnusseason2Charles Arrasmith (Omnus): I am PG, a Judge and a competitive Warmachine and Hordes player in Seattle, WA. Legion is my primary faction. I write the Everblight 2014 Articles series for Hand Cannon Online and the articles that proceeded them. I have played Cygnar, Trollbloods, Skorne, Cryx and Farrow. I am now exploring Circle and Gators. I almost always play fully painted but I sneak by with some barely table top quality drybrushing. I was lucky enough to win the 5th Intermountain Cup and the Templecon 2014 Iron Gauntlet Qualifier. I will be traveling to Poland for the World Team Championship, and returning to WMW but this time I will be in the Invitational. I aim to continue getting better and sharing the journey with the listeners of RFP. The support of the fans keeps me pushing myself. And I just fucking love this game. emonpicEmanuel Class (Bloodrath): Who am I? Im the Doctor that’s Who…..Ive always wanted to say that. I am a Pressganger above all else. I have been called the Mary Poppins of the Warmachine because I travel from meta to meta with a bag of mystery. Through those travels, I have played nearly every faction but right now I am focusing on Menoth, Cryx and Cygnar. Beyond the Pressgange I am a Podcaster, Hobbiest, and to be honest just another player. I am a die hard nerd. From comic books to movies, TV and cartoons, I eat sleep and breathe I live this stuff. Sharing my creativity and knowledge with the Fans of RFP is a privilege that I cherish every day. I am also devoted to growing our social media so that we can reach out to more fans across the world. The best part of what we do is being involved with all the listeners. Every message, email, post and like makes my day.

The Sections

Introduction: After the intro music we discuss news, updating our listeners on anything that is going on with Removed From Play and introduce our Guest if there is one. Event Coverage: This section is primarily for Battle Reports from tournaments we attend or general coverage of conventions. We do not always have this section. Painting Projects: This section is in most episodes and covers all of our painting ideas, mod projects, terrain ideas and paint schemes. List Building: When we get deep into the Dojo it is during this section. We throw ideas back and forth about our lists and or anything that has inspired us to try new tech. The Control Area: Almost every episode we have a primary topic that we eventually get to. This section is generally something we will feel our guest is exceptionally knowledgeable about. We generally provide a brief idea of what the topic will be during the introduction.