Episode 37 of Forgot to Feat – Dark Omen’s Warmachine and Hordes Podcast

Today we talk to Allan Knowles about being a unique snowflake by playing Witch Coven in a Cryx pair.

What is “Forgot to Feat” ?

Forgot to Feat is a Podcast out of the North East presented by The Dark Omen Gaming Club and Handcannon Online. Each episode we will discuss a multitude of topics as well as try to highlight a persona from the North East and National Metas. Our goal is to shed some light on the North East Meta and help reinforce the community here.

Topics will be entertaining for both the leisure Warmachine/Hordes players in addition to the competitive Warmachine/Hordes players. This is our way to give back to a community that has shown so much support for The Dark Omen Gaming Club.

If you want to follow us on Twitter @darkjeebs , @DOGC_Berger, and @DarkOmenClub

The Hosts

Matthew Kozikowski (DarkJeebs): I’m a Capricorn. I love long walks on the beach with Borka and a full keg. I’m mostly into board/tabletop games now. I’ve played Retribution and Cryx, but currently own Trollbloods, CoC, and Gators. My favorite caster is Calandra and I love the hobby side of the game. I also love to do anything creative – from podcasting to graphic design and also making music. Moss tell them the story about the time you lost your glasses.

Dan Berger (BergerFett): I am a longtime Miniatures gamer. I played Menoth in Mk1 for a period of time and came back in Mk2 to play Legion of Everblight. I played Legion of Everblight for 2.5 years before switching over to playing Retribution of Scyrah as my primary faction. I am a member of the Pressgang and enjoy traveling to conventions and meeting new people. If you have any unique dice I am always looking to trade some Dark Omen Dice for other unique dice to add to my collection.

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