ScrumCast Producer and Co-Host Wanted.

2014 was a crazy year for Trollblodscrum, many  changes have come our way as we stepped from the shores of the the blogging world and into the middle of the river riding rudder with Handcannononline.  With all the good things that have come as a result of our joining, our time has been stretched, twisted, pushed and mangled.  These changes have facilitated a great need within the Scrum.

Every radio show has their primary host, and ours is Goris.  His charm and ability have helped make his Scrum Cast creation something truly great for Scrummers everywhere.  Our Co-Host Frank’s knowledge and tactical insights have been invaluable and our colorman TheGreatBlah is always inserting some crazy crackpot theory or harping on his favorite battlegroup with Grim1.  What we need is a Producer, if you have the chops to hit the ropes with the likes of us three, and the acumen to cut our sound bites into pieces and present them as only the best of Fel Callers can.



JOB TITLE: Scrum Cast Producer


  • Facilitate the recording on the Scrum Cast once or twice monthly.
  • Edit out all the mishaps, dog barks, phone calls, Skype hiccups any Edit in other listening enhanced items.
  • Submit finalized podcast for distribution on Handcannononline in a timely manner.


  • Co-host the Scrum.  Yeah that’s right.  We want your voice, your insights, and your mocking on Goris.  Yeah it’s a secondary duty, but we want you to boast your Fell Calling prowess.
  • Write.  Not required, but certainly encouraged, your musings on the game we love is highly encouraged.


  • Honor and glory of your peers, and the ability to get your voice out and put your stamp on our part of this game
  • A Trollbloodscrum email address.  Yup they are rare and fabulous.
  • A Trollbloodscrum shirt of some sort.  Let’s be honest you’ll get one before Frank… and we’re okay with that.
  • Other random swag and or opportunities associated with being a part of TrollbloodScrum & HandCannonOnline.
  • PAY: Yup yer a volunteer like the rest of us so, yeah, swag from time to time and a soapbox is the best we can do.

Skills Required

  • Ability to record and edit Skype phone calls using programs like Audacity and a Skype Recorder.
  • Ability to commit to recording and editing the Scrum Cast at least once per month.
  • Ability to participate as a secondary host for the Scrum Cast
  • Ability to be awesome…

HOW DO I APPLY?: If you think you are the Troll with the chops to get it done with the time and energy to make a commitment to being a part of Trollbloodscrum email with your qualifications and a note about what you can bring to the table and we will setup a call with the hosts.

Also, even though it doesn’t really apply to this post or blog, a friend sent this to me and I thought it was awesome… awesome I say!!!



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