100 days to paint : Throwing Stones


After seeing Mercykiller’s flying Enigma Foundry, and him mentioning mounting it on a flying base, I figured this would be a good article to write next. I would advise against mounting super heavy models on PP’s flying stands (Editor’s Note: Yeah, it didn’t work out too well), but most small and medium-based metal models are okay.  My camera freaked out a little while I was  working on this, so I’m missing a couple of the real life photos that go along with the diagrams.

Step 1: select the surface you’ll be mounting in.




Step 2:  Drill a 1/8″ hole into the surface. It doesn’t have to be too deep, just deep enough to  fit the ball socket into.





Step 3:  Fill the hole with a ball of QuikSteel. QuikSteel is a 2-part epoxy that I found at Home Depot. It dries much harder and faster than greenstuff. This is important as you are going to have a pin stabilizing most of the weight of the model, and I don’t trust the durability of greenstuff to have that kind of weight on it. I tried greenstuff in the past, and it had a lot of “sagging” on the model under it’s own weight. The second part here is that you want to dip the ball at the end of the flight stand into a lubricant. I used olive oil. This will keep the 2 parts form adhering in step 4.




Step 4: Press the flight stand into the hole. This will squeeze out excess QuikSteel and leave you with an indentation that maximizes surface area between the flight stand and the model.




Step 5: Trim off excess QuikSteel with a hobby knife. Then clean up all of the olive oil with some dish soap.





Step 6: Drill out  an area for pinning. Be careful not to drill all the way through the center of the ball on the flight stand. 3/4ths of the way should be more than enough.





Step 7: Paint and Glue. You’re all done.




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    Thats pretty slick, I may just have to try that on my next set of stones.

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