Cryx: Dark Side Chronicles – The Shadow Council

Hail Lich Lords and War Witches, Necrotechs and Pirates!

My name is Emanuel, also known as Bloodrath on the Privateer Press forums. Some of you may know me from the Podcast Removed from Play. Others may know me as one of the authors here at Hand Cannon Online. I have played nearly every faction and continue to faction swap seasonally.

Most recently, I have forfeited my soul once more to join the ranks of the Lich Lords in Cryx, My plan is to add more content to my Cryxian article series, Dark Side Chronicles. In true Cryxian fashion, I plan to draw on the wisdom of those who have come before me.

To celebrate my return, I wanted to throw a party so I invited some of my favorite Cryx players:

Your Shadow Council! (From left to right: Anthony, Sam, Ryan, and Emanuel)


In in this article I ask a basic Cryx question to the group, and we all take turns answering it. With this thought experiment, I think we will show that there are many approaches to the Cryx.

In later articles these players will rejoin me to dive deeper into many Cryx topics.

Our intent is to help drive discussion and to help develop the Cryx community as a whole. Our goal is to help Cryx players with any information we have to offer and hopefully overall strengthen the faction in the local and national metas.

Let’s move onto the questions!


What about Cryx drew you to the faction?

[tabs][thead][tab class=”active” type=”tab” href=”#dws_first_tab60″ title=”Anthony Ferraiolo”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab722816560″ title=”Sam Ross”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab725925660″ title=”RYAN CHIRIBOGA”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab727635770″ title=”EMANUEL CLASS”][/thead][tcontents][tcontent class=”active” id=”dws_first_tab60″]Received the gift of an MKI battle box from a friend, so I played them ever since in rotation with Circle.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab722816560″]When I was researching the game, I asked people what the meanest, trickiest faction was in the game.  They recommended Cryx, and I haven’t looked back since.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab725925660″]I actually traded into the faction because it was offered to me.  I’m not normally an undead or evil-prone gamer.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab727635770″]I have always been drawn to the darker side of games. I was a big fan of the undead aesthetic in Warcraft. I also really like game mechanics and recursion is one of the coolest mechanics in Warmachine.[/tcontent][/tcontents][/tabs]

What about Cryx keeps you playing the faction?

[tabs][thead][tab class=”active” type=”tab” href=”#dws_first_tab61″ title=”Anthony Ferraiolo”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab722816561″ title=”Sam Ross”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab725925661″ title=”RYAN CHIRIBOGA”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab727635771″ title=”EMANUEL CLASS”][/thead][tcontents][tcontent class=”active” id=”dws_first_tab61″]I enjoy the contrast of mass amounts of recurring infantry as oppose to the guerilla warfare of Circle.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab722816561″]I love the all-out aggressive playstyle of Cryx.  It can seem very one-dimensional, but it is very rewarding to perfectly set up an annihilating charge that completely wipes out an enemy force and leaves an opponent utterly unable to continue playing the game.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab725925661″]Turns out I love the undead asthetic! I really enjoy the look and feel of the faction compared to others. As a matter of playstyle, I tend to like very durable things and I very much see Cryx in this roll. Afterall, whats more durable than 70 models? Or 30 stealthed models?[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab727635771″]I really enjoy a thoughtful chess like game where I can abuse pawns, strong key pieces and adapt to the flow of the game. Cryx do this very well. I also like Cryx’s ability to spring an “unseen” or surprising assassination or check mate situation on some one.[/tcontent][/tcontents][/tabs]

Which Warcaster would you recommend for a new player to start Cryx with?

[tabs][thead][tab class=”active” type=”tab” href=”#dws_first_tab62″ title=”Anthony Ferraiolo”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab722816562″ title=”Sam Ross”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab725925662″ title=”RYAN CHIRIBOGA”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab727635772″ title=”EMANUEL CLASS”][/thead][tcontents][tcontent class=”active” id=”dws_first_tab62″]Skarre1 is the best place to start IMHO. It’s where I started and she is very forgiving, straightforward to play and   does the most for the all infantry war host that embodies Cryx.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab722816562″]Skarre1.  She perfectly exemplifies the proper hyper-aggressive nature of the faction, supports all the Cryx standards, punches above her weight class regularly, trains players in proper melee skirmishing, and is very forgivable to a new player mindset.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab725925662″]Denny1 is in the battle box and I think she is a fine way to start the faction.  She will teach you to keep your warcaster safe but relevant.  Arc nodes and key spells are also a big part of the faction and items that she very much relies on.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab727635772″]Asphyxious1. He is very strong and supports all of the things that Cryx does. He can win games without relying on feats making it easier to learn the game and he won’t spoil you playing our other casters. I feel some times starting with a strong warcasters like Denny1 will spoil you to other things the faction has to offer.[/tcontent][/tcontents][/tabs]

Which Warcaster would you suggest for an experienced player to start with?

[tabs][thead][tab class=”active” type=”tab” href=”#dws_first_tab63″ title=”Anthony Ferraiolo”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab722816563″ title=”Sam Ross”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab725925663″ title=”RYAN CHIRIBOGA”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab727635773″ title=”EMANUEL CLASS”][/thead][tcontents][tcontent class=”active” id=”dws_first_tab63″]Goreshade3! He can be played a variety of ways and for seasoned players who haven’t played Cryx he is very interesting that does some Cryxian things, but also does many other things that make him, for my money, the most interesting caster in the faction to play . . . by far.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab722816563″]Denny1.  Her toolbox is one of the deepest in the faction, and while she’s fragile, a good player should be able to play her far enough up the table to actually make some melee attacks and directly impact the game while keeping her very safe.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab725925663″]Also Denny1; she may be in the battle box, but her top-end potential is fantastic.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab727635773″]Goreshade2. He can do what Cryx does well, and also do something that no one else in the game does with replicating Banes. He also runs the Kraken really well. This makes him a good pair for most atypical infantry-spam lists (excluding Asphyxious2).[/tcontent][/tcontents][/tabs]

What is the best non-Warcaster model or unit in Cryx?

[tabs][thead][tab class=”active” type=”tab” href=”#dws_first_tab64″ title=”Anthony Ferraiolo”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab722816564″ title=”Sam Ross”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab725925664″ title=”RYAN CHIRIBOGA”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab727635774″ title=”EMANUEL CLASS”][/thead][tcontents][tcontent class=”active” id=”dws_first_tab64″]Satyxis Raiders; they do so much, are so versatile, and threaten a huge impact on every game they see the table.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab722816564″]The Warwitch Siren.  You could take two in every list and never regret it.  Board control, light infantry clearing, problem solo removal . . .[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab725925664″]Bane Lord Tartarus is the single model that I most often want to place in lists.  It helps that I like Bane Thralls and Bane Knights nearly as much, and he just makes them better!  Tartarus is also a boss solo; dude used to have Ragnarok even![/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab727635774″]Darragh Wrathe. He is value for the points. Melee presence, ranged presence. Support spells adding threat and -2 on damage in an aura; then, cherry on top, he has a spell that forces Command checks![/tcontent][/tcontents][/tabs]

Which Warcaster do you think is the most interesting to field?

[tabs][thead][tab class=”active” type=”tab” href=”#dws_first_tab65″ title=”Anthony Ferraiolo”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab722816565″ title=”Sam Ross”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab725925665″ title=”RYAN CHIRIBOGA”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab727635775″ title=”EMANUEL CLASS”][/thead][tcontents][tcontent class=”active” id=”dws_first_tab65″]Goreshade3, by far, is the most interesting warcaster for me to play in Cryx. His assassination game is a nerd adrenaline rush, and he can also flex his style to play the attrition/recursion game; all while being a finisher that rivals nearly any in the game. So much fun to play, while having as much depth as any caster/lock I’ve put on the table.  I also think Asphyxious3 is in the discussion as a second choice; he’s much more interesting than given credit for, and, as a true buff caster, gives the Cryx player a totally different feel.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab722816565″]Witch Coven.  They offer the most angles, weirdest synergies, and tricks in the faction; they also have one of the highest skill ceilings, one that I’ve barely begun scratching.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab725925665″]In my experience, Asphyxious2 is the most interesting. He has lots of tools, and can really take over a game with control elements or roll over an opponent with brute force; it just depends on how you want to play him[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab727635775″]Denny2. She is insanely complex, with a plethora of tools for various situations. She also plays all four aspects of the game really well (attrition, scenario, assassination, and deathclock).[/tcontent][/tcontents][/tabs]

When you reach for a Character Jack, who do you take?

[tabs][thead][tab class=”active” type=”tab” href=”#dws_first_tab66″ title=”Anthony Ferraiolo”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab722816566″ title=”Sam Ross”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab725925666″ title=”RYAN CHIRIBOGA”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab727635776″ title=”EMANUEL CLASS”][/thead][tcontents][tcontent class=”active” id=”dws_first_tab66″]I typically don’t play character jacks in many lists, and I don’t have a bias towards any particular character jack. I have had success with Deathjack, Nightmare, and Cankerworm, though I’ve never put Malice or Erebus on the table. I think you’re often better served using those extra points for a bit more support, or bolstering your numbers.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab722816566″]Nightmare.  Reach and Prey and Ghostly.  It’s a thing.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab725925666″]Deathjack is one of the best jacks in the game; in a faction where I usually only take arc nodes and the Kraken, I occasionally find Deathjack to be a very fun heavy.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab727635776″]Without a doubt, it’s Nightmare, with Deathjack coming in a close second. I often like them paired together.[/tcontent][/tcontents][/tabs]


Which Non character Warjack are you most likely to field more than one in a list?

[tabs][thead][tab class=”active” type=”tab” href=”#dws_first_tab67″ title=”Anthony Ferraiolo”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab722816567″ title=”Sam Ross”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab725925667″ title=”RYAN CHIRIBOGA”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab727635777″ title=”EMANUEL CLASS”][/thead][tcontents][tcontent class=”active” id=”dws_first_tab67″]Kraken. He’s the one I’ve put into most lists (barring arc nodes), and he has really grown on me over time since he’s come out. He is one of the most interesting Gargossals to play IMHO, due to his inordinate style, selection of weapons, and in-faction support.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab722816567″]We have non-character Warjacks?[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab725925667″]I don’t think I have ever fielded multiple non-character heavies in Cryx, but if I did it would be the Reaper.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab727635777″]Kraken. He adds so much to Cryx, and brings tools to the table unique to the Kraken.[/tcontent][/tcontents][/tabs]


What is your Favorite Light Warjack and why?

[tabs][thead][tab class=”active” type=”tab” href=”#dws_first_tab68″ title=”Anthony Ferraiolo”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab722816568″ title=”Sam Ross”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab725925668″ title=”RYAN CHIRIBOGA”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab727635778″ title=”EMANUEL CLASS”][/thead][tcontents][tcontent class=”active” id=”dws_first_tab68″]Deathripper. I’ve learned to respect these little guys so much in the past year. They are really reliable at what they do, can munch solos, finish off heavy targets, hold a zone, engage a target, etc., etc., etc. . . . and deliver a spell. I prefer their melee prowess over the short-range guns of their bone chicken counterparts, due the nature of melee’s more consistent reliability. With the in-faction buffs and a full focus load they can be dialed up to hit like a heavy.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab722816568″]Nightwretch.  Fast arcnode, with a pop gun of DOOM![/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab725925668″]This is a great question in Cryx, because of the great Deathripper v. Nightwretch debate.  Well, the answer is: Nightwretch.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab727635778″]Cankerworm. He is a very interesting and unique piece in Cryx. He is also one of the most underestimated jacks. His ability to wreck a heavy, then sit in the wreck for cover, only to then consume the wreck the next turn, makes him quite resilient. Menoth players are always surprised to get tagged with Flare from their own Reckoner gun after it has been adapted.[/tcontent][/tcontents][/tabs]


If you had to only play with one for an entire year, which Warcaster would it be, and why?

[tabs][thead][tab class=”active” type=”tab” href=”#dws_first_tab691″ title=”Anthony Ferraiolo”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab7228165691″ title=”Sam Ross”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab7259256691″ title=”RYAN CHIRIBOGA”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab7276357791″ title=”EMANUEL CLASS”][/thead][tcontents][tcontent class=”active” id=”dws_first_tab691″]Goreshade3, he is so versatile and so much fun, I could play just him and never get tired of it. He may be my favorite warcaster to play, period. [/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab7228165691″]Denny1.  She solves most every problem by killing her way out of it, and even her bad matchups are a’ight.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab7259256691″]Asphyxious2, he can play into any matchup and is truly a caster worthy of perfection.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab7276357791″]Denny2. She can play in a multitude of ways, has two interesting tiers, and plays well with every tool in the Cryx army.[/tcontent][/tcontents][/tabs]


Which Warcasters have you played the most in the last year? (name 3)

[tabs][thead][tab class=”active” type=”tab” href=”#dws_first_tab69″ title=”Anthony Ferraiolo”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab722816569″ title=”Sam Ross”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab725925669″ title=”RYAN CHIRIBOGA”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab727635779″ title=”EMANUEL CLASS”][/thead][tcontents][tcontent class=”active” id=”dws_first_tab69″]Goreshade3, Denny2, and Asphyxious3[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab722816569″]Denny1, Terminus, Goreshade3[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab725925669″]Skarre1: she is just way too good in the meta now, and in the last year. Goreshade2: he is my baby; while most people think he is a ‘meh’ caster, I think he is completely unfair. Denny1: she was my third list for a while.  I don’t love her, because a few bad dice rolls can change her game, but she still has great upside.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab727635779″]Asphyxious2, Denny2, Skarre2, in that order. I feel there is a good chance Skarre2 gets phased out this year for something new. [/tcontent][/tcontents][/tabs]


Which Cryx unit do you play the most often?

[tabs][thead][tab class=”active” type=”tab” href=”#dws_first_tab692″ title=”Anthony Ferraiolo”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab7228165692″ title=”Sam Ross”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab7259256692″ title=”RYAN CHIRIBOGA”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab7276357792″ title=”EMANUEL CLASS”][/thead][tcontents][tcontent class=”active” id=”dws_first_tab692″]Satyxis Raiders +UA[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab7228165692″]I routinely play the full 3 Mechanithrall, 9 Brute Thrall, 2 Necrosurgeon package.  It’s a good package.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab7259256692″]I run Skarre1 with 30 Bane Knights, so they win in this case.  I also like Bane Thralls a lot, as well as Mechanithralls.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab7276357792″]Blood Witches with Blood Hag are in every list that has room. They are cheap, fast, accurate with Gang, two attacks, anti-Tough bubble, dispel on a stick, powerful mini-feat, RFP, and in a pinch they can kill each other and put down clouds. I have started to find that later in the game there are situations where it is better for them to attack each other and make clouds, rather than attack an enemy that they have a low percentage chance to kill.[/tcontent][/tcontents][/tabs]


Which non-Warcaster model has impressed you the most?

[tabs][thead][tab class=”active” type=”tab” href=”#dws_first_tab693″ title=”Anthony Ferraiolo”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab7228165693″ title=”Sam Ross”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab7259256693″ title=”RYAN CHIRIBOGA”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab7276357793″ title=”EMANUEL CLASS”][/thead][tcontents][tcontent class=”active” id=”dws_first_tab693″]Warwitch Siren. I was slow on the uptake with them, but the more I see them on the table, the more I realize they’re way harder to kill than you’d think, and do so many thing can clear infantry, contest zones, move fast, power jacks, lend magic attacks, tie up models, move opposing models out of activation . . . simply put: they are extremely versatile in any list and for any game plan. I could make an argument that their inclusion benefits any list. [/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab7228165693″]Pistol Wraiths do magical things.  Turns out debuffs plus accurate hand cannons on an incorporeal model with built-in control potential can get work done.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab7259256693″]Bane Lord Tartarus with Goreshade2 is rather impressive. There is nothing like charging three living models and turning them into Bane Thralls with Thresher, then activating those Bane Thralls, which go make more Bane Thralls. It’s an impressive swing.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab7276357793″]Helldiver. I can’t tell you how many games I have won because of Helldivers. They are a utility piece that keeps on giving. The dive marker itself can be board control to keep enemy casters from approaching a specific side of the board. It’s also a Swiss army knife of power attacks for 3 points. Popping up behind a heavy and slamming it to knock it down, or slamming them a few inches forward toward your troops. Suddenly mulching a heavy your opponent thought was just out of threat range can be a devastating blow. [/tcontent][/tcontents][/tabs]

What Mercenary Models should a growing Cryx player acquire?

[tabs][thead][tab class=”active” type=”tab” href=”#dws_first_tab694″ title=”Anthony Ferraiolo”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab7228165694″ title=”Sam Ross”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab7259256694″ title=”RYAN CHIRIBOGA”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab7276357794″ title=”EMANUEL CLASS”][/thead][tcontents][tcontent class=”active” id=”dws_first_tab694″]I’m not huge on mercenary models, but I do tend to use Saxon Orrik often in my multi list builds, and I’m sure I don’t need to explain the value of Gorman, even though I don’t use him all that often. Beyond that, I think Nyss are an interesting play in many Cryx lists. [/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab7228165694″]Gorman is a must have.  Why debuff once when you can debuff twice, right?[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab7259256694″]Nyss hunters go very well with Denny1.  Outside of them and Gorman, I don’t play with many Merc models.  [/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab7276357794″]Boomhowlers. For what they do they are a steal at 9 points. They are tough living bodies to feed the mcthrall machine. They can block LOS to arc nodes. We have several warcasters, like the Dennys, that can give them multiple turns of Rage Howl. Darragh Wrathe’s Beyond Death also stacks nicely with Rage Howl. We also have multiple ways to force Command checks with Abomination and Terror-causing models. Rage Howl can help force that extra Command checks. Some units have a good chance of passing a Command check, but forcing two or three can break a unit your opponent needed to contest with. They are also excellent for our back line jacks to slam or throw at the enemy. Knockdown is one of the best ways to make our weaponmaster units accurate[/tcontent][/tcontents][/tabs]

As a seasoned Cryx player, what do you most hope to see in future releases?

[tabs][thead][tab class=”active” type=”tab” href=”#dws_first_tab695″ title=”Anthony Ferraiolo”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab7228165695″ title=”Sam Ross”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab7259256695″ title=”RYAN CHIRIBOGA”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab7276357795″ title=”EMANUEL CLASS”][/thead][tcontents][tcontent class=”active” id=”dws_first_tab695″]High ARM medium base 8 wound infantry. [/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab7228165695″]Our Warcasters, more than most other factions, can really change our game completely, so I’m just looking for some interesting off-the-wall new Warcaster releases for us in the future.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab7259256695″]Skarre3, as I really enjoy both Skarre1 and 2. [/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab7276357795″]More Eldritch. Maybe an eldritch unit akin to Hex Hunters or Battle Mages? Eldritch solos[/tcontent][/tcontents][/tabs]

If you had to rank the top 5 competitive Cryx Warcasters, what would be the order?

[tabs][thead][tab class=”active” type=”tab” href=”#dws_first_tab696″ title=”Anthony Ferraiolo”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab7228165696″ title=”Sam Ross”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab7259256696″ title=”RYAN CHIRIBOGA”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab7276357796″ title=”EMANUEL CLASS”][/thead][tcontents][tcontent class=”active” id=”dws_first_tab696″]Hmm . . . I really don’t like the idea of ranking casters, but I would say in the group at the top for Cryx is pSkarre, pDenny, eShade3, eDenny . . . and I suppose Asphyxious2 🙂 [/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab7228165696″]Denny1, Asphyxious2, Goreshade3, Terminus, Skarre1[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab7259256696″]Skarre1, Asphyxious2, Denny1, Denny2, Goreshade2[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab7276357796″]Skarre1, Asphyxious2, Denny1, Denny2, Shade 3 in that order[/tcontent][/tcontents][/tabs]

Which faction does Cryx do well against?

[tabs][thead][tab class=”active” type=”tab” href=”#dws_first_tab697″ title=”Anthony Ferraiolo”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab7228165697″ title=”Sam Ross”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab7259256697″ title=”RYAN CHIRIBOGA”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab7276357797″ title=”EMANUEL CLASS”][/thead][tcontents][tcontent class=”active” id=”dws_first_tab697″]Trolls, Skorne, Minions[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab7228165697″]Convergence of Cyriss.  We’re probably the only faction that can trivially punch our way through a Lucant Feat Turn.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab7259256697″]Historically, Trolls and Skorne[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab7276357797″]Trolls, CoC, Skorne[/tcontent][/tcontents][/tabs]

What faction does Cryx do worst against?

[tabs][thead][tab class=”active” type=”tab” href=”#dws_first_tab698″ title=”Anthony Ferraiolo”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab7228165698″ title=”Sam Ross”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab7259256698″ title=”RYAN CHIRIBOGA”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab7276357798″ title=”EMANUEL CLASS”][/thead][tcontents][tcontent class=”active” id=”dws_first_tab698″]Cygnar and Circle[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab7228165698″]Cygnar.  Come to the dark side Haley, join your sister.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab7259256698″]Cygnar, especially both Haleys[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab7276357798″]Cygnar, Circle, Legion can cause issues for us some times [/tcontent][/tcontents][/tabs]

As a Cryx player, what Warlock/ Warcaster do you most hate to see across the table?

[tabs][thead][tab class=”active” type=”tab” href=”#dws_first_tab699″ title=”Anthony Ferraiolo”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab7228165699″ title=”Sam Ross”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab7259256699″ title=”RYAN CHIRIBOGA”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab7276357799″ title=”EMANUEL CLASS”][/thead][tcontents][tcontent class=”active” id=”dws_first_tab699″]Most anything from Cygnar, especially the Haleys.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab7228165699″]Haley1.  She’s about as hard a counter to Cryx as they come.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab7259256699″]Haley1, Haley2, Harbinger, Denny2, Kreuger2 . . . basically control casters.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab7276357799″]Kreuger 2 is my nemesis; I also dislike the mirror match. Especially Denny2 and Asphyxious2[/tcontent][/tcontents][/tabs]

What do you feel is Cryx’s greatest strength?

[tabs][thead][tab class=”active” type=”tab” href=”#dws_first_tab6991″ title=”Anthony Ferraiolo”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab72281656991″ title=”Sam Ross”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab72592566991″ title=”RYAN CHIRIBOGA”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab72763577991″ title=”EMANUEL CLASS”][/thead][tcontents][tcontent class=”active” id=”dws_first_tab6991″]Recursion[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab72281656991″]As Napoleon said: “Quantity has a quality all of its own.”  Threat saturation and a resilience to target selection can help us grind through most anything.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab72592566991″]Infantry, lots of infantry.  The warcasters are great as well.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab72763577991″]We play all of the three core game arcs amazingly (assassination, attrition, scenario). Some of our casters can do all three at the same time.[/tcontent][/tcontents][/tabs]

What do you feel is Cryx’s greatest weakness?

[tabs][thead][tab class=”active” type=”tab” href=”#dws_first_tab6992″ title=”Anthony Ferraiolo”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab72281656992″ title=”Sam Ross”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab72592566992″ title=”RYAN CHIRIBOGA”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab72763577992″ title=”EMANUEL CLASS”][/thead][tcontents][tcontent class=”active” id=”dws_first_tab6992″]Anti Infantry-Spam builds (which nearly every faction has access to at some level)[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab72281656992″]Because we’re such a focused faction, it’s fairly easy for models/’Casters to have ‘Silver Bullet’ anti-Cryx inbuilt tactics.  Things like Temporal Barrier, Soul Storm, etc. are basically designed to give us and specifically us a bad day, and more and more of those abilities are popping up all the time.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab72592566992″]Any faction can build a silver bullet for Cryx, the question is how much are they willing to give up in strength against the rest of the field . . .[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab72763577992″]Hard control and/or denial can be a serious issue for some Cryx builds. [/tcontent][/tcontents][/tabs]

Is there anything you would like to say in closing?

[tabs][thead][tab class=”active” type=”tab” href=”#dws_first_tab6993″ title=”Anthony Ferraiolo”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab72281656993″ title=”Sam Ross”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab72592566993″ title=”RYAN CHIRIBOGA”][tab class=”” type=”tab” href=”#dws_tab72763577993″ title=”EMANUEL CLASS”][/thead][tcontents][tcontent class=”active” id=”dws_first_tab6993″]Try the living side of Cryx; it’s overlooked and better than it’s given credit for . . . don’t be afraid to try your own style of Cryx. There is so much to the faction that is often not played; sample it all! [/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab72281656993″]“Nobody ever defended anything successfully; there is only attack, and attack, and attack some more.” – Patton[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab72592566993″]Cryx harder; it’s a thing.[/tcontent][tcontent class=”” id=”dws_tab72763577993″]Figure out your limits and strengths, then build armies that push the boundaries of those. You’re only as good as your practice. Practice like you play. It matters a lot in Cryx.[/tcontent][/tcontents][/tabs]


Thank you for joining me on this thought experiment. Hopefully this will offer some helpful insight. Stay tuned for more Dark Side Chronicles, coming soon!


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