Decked Out Articles: Part 2 of Woldwrath Wins – A Circle Prime Deck

It’s time I revisit my first article for High Command. I have probably played more games with this deck concept than any other. I’m extremely comfortable playing ‘Woldwrath Wins,’ and rarely expect to lose games with it. The thing that surprises me though: how much small changes in the deck can really matter. Over the course of many games, I’ve started making small tweaks. Here is the current version that I use. Big surprise . . . it still has 5 copies of Woldwrath.


The Deck

Cassius The Oathkeeper and Wurmwood {Red}
~Woldwrath x3
~Megalith x3
~Woldwarden x3
~Rip Horn Satyr x3
Kromac the Ravenous {Blue}
~Omnipotent’s Council x1
~Feral Warpwolf x2
~Warborn Skinwalkers x2
~Tharn Chieftain x2
~Tharn Ravager Tribesman x3
~Ravager Shaman Council x2

Morvahna The Autumnblade {Purple}
~Omnipotent’s Council x1
~Debt to Circle x1
~Ley Line Intersection x2
~Woldwrath x2
~Woldwarden x1
~Feral Warpwolf x2
~Celestial Fulcrum x1
~Ravager Shaman Council x2

Detachment Changes

I’m still playing the same three detachments. I’ve tried Orange and Yellow, but I still do not feel that the tech those colors bring is worth the loss in power from dropping Blue. And this deck really isn’t ‘this deck’ anymore if you drop Red or Purple. But I do feel that I’ve made some significant improvements through specific card changes. Here is why those changes were made:

Red Detachment: This color has “shifted” to all Warbeasts. The addition of the Rip Horn Satyr allows me to have 3 more powerful rush options for 7 War. Obviously the Feral Warpwolf is still preferred, but having 7 total cards that Rush for 7 is amazing when you consider how powerful they are. I had to cut Ghetorix out of Blue; this meant I really needed a warbeast for the 8 Rush slot. Woldwarden is not an amazing card, but still a very strong option being 2 VP’s and 3 Power.


Blue Detachment: This color has become mostly about my Warrior options. I had to drop Ghetorix to get fit in all these options, which does bother me. But I think, overall, it makes for a better deck. I added the Tharn Chieftans and Skinwalkers because I wanted some Warrior cards with 3+ Power for breaking Archangels. I don’t like being put into a position where I can’t kill an Archangel with Woldwrath plus any warrior in the deck. At least now I have a few options.


Purple Detachment: This detachment changed the least. I put in the Fulcrum because it can be a rush option or resource; it just depends when the Fulcrum comes up. Beyond that, I added a Woldwarden so that the deck is packed with good rush options.

The Warlocks

Circle really has exceptional Warlocks, and they almost always feel like they’re in the perfect colors. I stopped using Krueger2 after the ruling that was later Errata’d to be slightly better. He only returns one card to your opponent’s hand if you don’t have another card to return to your own hand. He is still worthwhile, but I included options that are good in more situations. Kreuger1 is also excellent, and is the hardest choice to include or drop for this deck.

Cassius the Oathkeeper and Wurmwood: Cassius isn’t going anywhere. He is great, and I don’t expect that to change.


Morvahna The Autumnblade: I originally played her because I wanted to cycle through some of my Reserves; but that is actually the weaker part of her feat. It is very reasonable to kill two cards when you use her, and moving two of your opponent’s Bane Riders, Satyxis, Archangels, Mulg, Sorcerers, or Sons of Bragg to the bottom of their deck . . . amazing. This can be a huge swing in the game. If you can cycle three cards it gets even worse for your opponent. Morvahna is very, very good.


Kromac the Ravenous: I’ve gone back and forth on Kromac. In the end, I decided to include him because he gives me a 4 Power, which I missed when I played Circle after getting in lots of games with Legion. Additionally, the card draw can be really nice to help you get back into Aggressive Cycling in the right moment.

How to Play this Deck

The primary goal of this deck is still simple: rush two powerful cards to a location, and do that as often as you can while keeping up with Aggressive Cycling. Woldwardens, Megalith, and Rip Horn Satyrs are generally the safest bet to cycle during turn 1 or 2. You can cycle any of the Warriors if you need to, but don’t cycle away more than two if you can help it.

1st priority: Leyline Intersection is the best resource for this deck.
2nd priority: Omnipotent’s Council is a close second.
3rd priority: Woldwrath. I used to try and avoid this, but getting a 0/3 for 3 VP’s is actually very good for this deck in turn 1 or 2.
4th priority: Debt to Circle, Celestial Fulcrum or Feral Warpwolf are acceptable, but not great.
5th priority: I really wouldn’t buy any other cards.

Turn 3 – Is it still Rush O’Clock?

If you can Rush a Feral and a Warrior, it is generally a good idea to do so. But buying another resource can be equally strong. You just have to evaluate the situation. Trollbloods can make it much harder to fight from behind, but you have to consider the locations too. Getting early resource cards can overcome losing a location to your opponent, if you manage it well. I bring this up mostly to emphasize that there really isn’t a perfect formula.

Sending Cards to the Occupied Forces

I try to focus on removing the original 12 cards in the deck, but it is very important to not just rely on removing cards to thin your deck. The warriors in the deck should almost always be deployed instead of rushing a new one. Unless you need a specific Warrior in the situation (like Shaman for discard or the specific Power on the Chieftain), you should get a card out of your deck. Deploy the warrior in your hand so you don’t draw it again.

Winds of War

This deck is really open when it comes to Winds of War; Hordes Base Game, Castle of the Keys, and Invasion of Sul are all good options. Overall, I think the Hordes Base Game has great value for Circle, and tends to just allow the more consistent deck to win. This is one of the most consistent decks out there, so a steady Winds of War like the Hordes Base Game is probably the best route. Invasion and Castle are fine for Circle, but I think they tend to benefit other decks just slightly more than this one. However, it is important to remember that Castle of the Keys is the best Winds of War for Aggressive Cycling, and that alone causes me to use it more than any other.


This deck has over 50 VPs; very few competitive decks can play that many while also being able to consistently Rush those VPs onto the table. This puts Woldwrath Wins into the unique spot where it can use the Base Game Locations better than most factions (possibly all of the them). Invasion of Sul locations are good for Circle, but they are great for Cryx, and amazing for Trollbloods.

Potential Changes

Warlocks: I still heavily consider Baldur and both of the Kreugers. It’s really tough to pick Warlocks in circle for these 3 colors. I know many players like Mohsar, but I have never really felt he accomplishes as much as the others. Mohsar would be better in a Ghetorix deck where you can see their hand on occasion (to know how useful Mohsar will be).

Ghetorix: It really hurts dropping him out. He is so damn good. If you really want to fit him in, you can drop a few Warriors out of Blue and replace some Woldwardens with Woldstalkers. However, I think Woldstalkers are better when you are running a more infantry-heavy deck. This overall version leans very heavily on Warbeasts.

Discard Mechanics: I have tried a variety of versions aimed towards using the Woldwrath to force your opponent to lose cards. The rule that states ‘you do not have destroy opponent’s cards’ actually helps this, but I still don’t think it is the best route for success with Circle. It can be frustrating to play against, but I don’t think it’s optimal.


Woldwrath Wins is a deck that I expect to constantly evolve. The core cards remain the same, but small adjustments are still going to help tune this deck. I think it would be accurate to call this deck the “Gate Keeper.” If your deck can’t handle this deck a reasonable amount of the time, it’s probably not a top-tier deck.


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  1. Marcel said:

    Hey Omnus,

    I really like your articles and enjoy especially reading about High Command – Cryx strategies. I decided to go for Cryx, because I play other factions in Warmachine/Hordes.

    I was quite successful with a bane-build like yours. Nowadays our meta shift to the 30VP format as well as in U.S. maybe. I struggle to get my Cryx Deck work. Do you have any tips or strategies for me? Counting on the cheap light Warjacks doesn’t help me against Legion and Circle, who are always a tiny bit ahead on pressure and VP.

    Thank you even now!


    • Omnusomnus said:

      I have not been able to build Cryx an effective deck in Showdown/30 VP. But since Cryx is one of the best decks in standard it is nice to see other decks shine : ) But as new cards come, Cryx really just needs one solid 0 VP in the right colors to help the deck cut down on VP’s.

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