RFP: Decked Out – Complete List of Articles and Episodes

RFP: Decked Out is the podcast that focuses on High Command strategy and guides to help grow the game. All of our regular hosts are from the Seattle area and we get together for some games whenever possible. This post is to help our listeners and readers have quick access to all of the Decked Out content.

Decked Out Articles

Playing Decks at 30 VPs – A Guide to Building Decks for the Showdown Format by Omnus

What is Aggressive Cycling? – Explaining how this strategy affects competitive High Command by Omnus

Kingmaker Decks: Lock and Load 2015 – Top 3 Decks from each if the Kingmakers

A Guide to Competitive High Command – This article aims to help players approach playing High Command for Kingmakers.  By Omnus

The Art of Deck Building in High Command – This article covers some of the aspects of decks that you should consider when constructing your Reinforcements Deck. By Omnus 

Prime Decks

Woldwrath Wins A Circle Prime Deck by Omnus

Trolls say No! A Trollbloods Prime Deck by Omnus

The Bane Train – A Cryx Prime Deck by Omnus

Angels and Arrows – A Legion Prime Deck by Omnus

Part 2 of Woldwrath Wins – A Circle Prime Deck by Omnus

Buddy System – A Trollbloods Prime Deck by LightningGod

Showdown Decks

Avengers Assemble – A Cygnar Showdown Deck by Omnus

Glory to Llael – A Highborn Showdown Deck by Omnus

Total War – A Khador Showdown Deck by Omnus

Angels and Arrows – A Legion Showdown Deck by Omnus

Decked Out – Season Two

Episode 1 of Season 2 – In this episodes we discussed how we got into High Command and we talked about the Kingmaker formats we plan to focus on in Decked Out.

Decked Out – Season One

Episode 1 – Our first episode covers the goals of Decked Out and introduces the hosts.

Episode 2 – In episode 2 we discuss how many Victory Points we like to see in our decks and which cards in High Command that do not have Victory Points are the most likely to see play.

Episode 3 – For our 3rd episode we discuss all of the epic Warcasters and Warlocks.

Episode 4 – In our 4th episode we talk about the strategies we like to use when fighting over the 4 primary locations in Invasion of Sul.

Episode 5 – Guest Host Tim Banky joins us to discuss Faith and Fortune.

Episode 6 – In our 6th episode we review the cards released in Castle of the Keys.

Episode 7 – We continue are examination of Castle of the Keys in episode 7. This time we discuss the location deck.

Episode 8 – In episode 8 we talk cards and ideas that are changing how we build and play our decks.

Episode 9 – Our 9th episode is deck building discussion for Legion, Circle, Fourstar and Retribution with two guests. Dr. Jake and Aaron the Dream Maker.

Episode 10 – Joel, Ted and Charles discuss the new kingmaker change and which factions will take advantage of it.

Episode 11 – Charles, Dr. Jake and Aaron talk about a Kingmaker at Card Kingdom and potential changes going in to the upcoming Mox Boarding House Kingmaker.

Episode 12 – Aaron guest hosts of episode 12. We discuss Ultimate Weapons, 30 VP as a format and some new Cygnar decks.

Episode 13 – We review our current opinions on Aggressive Cycling, Winds of War/Location Combos and the 30 VP format.

Episode 14 – We discuss preparation for Lock and Load Kingmakers

Episode 15 – Patrick Fuhr joins us to discuss the Kingmakers from Lock and 2015 and we also share our opinions on the power level of Trollbloods. 

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